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Wait until Windows 9 comes out rather than using Windows 8.x

Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) is best for most installs.


Understanding The Windows Family Of Operating Systems

What operating system should you install?

  1. Windows XP Professional

    • As a server product, XP Pro can support up to 8 workstations.

    • As a workstation product, XP Pro offers many extras that some network technicians might find desirable.

    • Since updates to XP have been discontinued as of April/2014, if you plan to use integrated card processing, XP is not suitable.

  2. Windows 7 Pro (32 bit)

    • Windows 7 is available in a 64 bit edition as well, however, it is less compatible with POS peripherals than the 32 bit edition.  In general Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit Edition is the most feature rich and reliable for point of sale applications.

  3. Windows Vista

    • Avoid Vista - it was a very buggy Windows release.

  4. Windows 8.x

    • If you can live without a START button (we can't!) Windows 8.x is okay.   Because it emulates tablet features at the OS level, it has been a bit buggy... especially with touch screens that support multi-touch and gesturing.  We recommend using Windows 7 or waiting until 2015 for Windows 9.

Summary - What To Do?
The way we look at Windows is that "less is more".   Windows 7 is best if you want tested & reliable operation.