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  • Windows 7 and Windows 10 are more secure than Windows XP.

  • When networking Windows 7 or Windows 10 be sure to install a SizReqBuf entry as explained on Forum question #66 at: www.myfreepos.net/support.htm

  • Windows 7 & 10 Professional are the official versions we support.   The Home  versions are missing some features that restaurants may need.  Enterprise versions are too robust for POS applications and end up costing more.





Windows 7 & Windows 10

Windows 7 and Windows 10 require more memory than Windows XP.  We recommend the following minimum hardware configuration if you plan to deploy either version:

  • RAM:    4GB minimum,   8GB preferred

  • HARD DISK:   120GB SSD minimum

  • Intel CPU:   Core-2-Duo E6400 or higher

  • AMD CPU:  X2 7850 or higher

  • Video Card:   Direct X compatible with 1GB Onboard or better

In particular, we suspect systems with these components will NOT run Windows 7 or Windows 10 very well:

  • RAM:  2GB or less

  • HARD DISK:   mechanical, non buffered hard disk drives

  • CPU:  Early Intel ATOM CPUs will be bad,   AMD Sempron CPUs will be bad.   Any single core CPU less than 2.4Ghz clock speed will be a bad choice.

  • Video cards:   Most systems with integrated video will be slower (unless you have an i3, i5, or i7 CPU)

Please note that newer releases of Windows require a DVD drive to load... so make sure you have one before you upgrade or begin an installation.   A CDRW drive will not read a DVD disc in all cases.

Click here and run our easy utility to turn off Windows UAC annoyances.

  Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows XP
Hardware Required $$ $$ $
Difficulty To Install & Network HIGH HIGH EASY

Can You Stay With Windows XP?

Yes - as long as your computer(s) are not connected to the internet.   Windows XP Professional was fully supported until the end of 2014.   The least expensive systems will continue to be Windows XP Professional based because the operating system requires less hardware to run on and all peripherals are well supported.


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