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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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You can support your POS system yourself.  Come to one of our free training classes or seminars and let us show you why FreePOS is the best way to go.


Why Computerize?
  • Get's you organized.
  • Security - know what people are doing
  • Tracking of money - know where it was spent.
  • Calculations are always correct.
  • Data is stored for years.
  • Audits are easily documented.
  • Know your profits... and how you got them.
  • Book keeping is done automatically.
  • Control food costs with kitchen controls.
  • Provide better/faster service.
  • Professional image.
  • Menu items are always billed properly.
  • Price changes are easy.
  • A POS Systems makes your business worth more when you sell it



  • When your hardware breaks, you're restaurant is down..
  • Computer service is expensive ($60/hour and up).
  • You must do basic maintenance tasks each month.
  • The learning curve can be big with the wrong software.



FreePOS is an inexpensive way to get your restaurant computerized.  But FreePOS isn't the only POS system on the market.   Check into other software as well and get quotations for the initial installation as well as support fees.

Be careful, ask lots of questions and remember that YOU should be able to support your own POS system.