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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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These videos are from very early releases of FreePOS.

The videos are still VERY useful to watch.  

These videos are Rated RB for really boring

If you are having trouble staying awake during the videos, we recommend electroshock therapy and a case of lantern batteries.  (Editors note:   Once again, please ignore the crazy webmaster.  He hasn't slept in weeks and is now insisting on a company paid trip to Roswell New Mexico)


Legacy Video Training

Video Training - FreePOS v2 Legacy Videos

These videos are from V2 of FreePOS and show everything about setup, usage and configuration.   They are a little out of date cosmetically (FreePOS has over 150 new features since these videos were made), but the information is very useful.   The training videos are in Flash format... so you must have a flash player installed to view them.   If you don't have a Flash player, download it free by clicking here.

 Please do not hesitate to call Positive Feedback Software if you need additional help or if you have a question.   We're here to help!

 * Right click the videos above and select Save as... if you wish to download the movies to your hard disk for repeated viewing.