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These videos will show you how to configure FreePOS.    

These videos are Rated XB for extra boring.

If you are having trouble staying awake during the videos, we recommend sipping on a shot of 93 octane gasoline while you watch.  (Editors note:  please ignore this comment, it was written by a webmaster who was sipping on a shot of 93 octane gasoline and has been deemed "bad advice" for everyone)


Video Training

These videos show you how to configure the FreePOS software.   Click on a subject and run the video application when prompted by your web browser.

Configuring The FreePOS Software

How To Setup A User 

(POS Configuration -> System Settings -> User Rights)


How To Setup Your Sales Tax (or GST/PST) Rates 

(POS Configuration -> System Settings -> Tax Rates)


How To Create A Station Configuration Record

(POS Configuration -> Utilities -> Station Setup)


Advanced SET_CODE Configuration Of A Station

(POS Configuration -> Utilities -> Station Setup -> SET_CODE Column)


Setting Up A Serial Printer

(POS Configuration -> Printers -> Setup COMSpool & Setup Print Spoolers)


How To Clear All The Tables For The Current Business Day

(POS Configuration -> System Settings -> Regenerate Tables)


Setting Up Your Receipt

(POS Configuration -> System Settings -> Receipt Setup)


Introduction To Print Spoolers


Defining Escape Codes For Your Printers (HINT:  Always use ESC/POS compatible printers and you won't have to configure anything additional.   STAR printers require changes to be made to this screen)


Setting Up A Pole Display

(POS Configuration -> Peripherals -> Setup Pole Display)


Payment Tender & Coupon Limit Configuration

(POS Configuration -> System Settings -> Payment)


An Overview Of The Configuration Program (Please note this is a V5 video but the main points are still relevant to the most recent version of FreePOS)


Adding A Menu Item


Designing Bar Screens, Seating Charts & Carryout/Delivery.   (Please note that the new Phone Ordering Module adds mapping, caller ID support & driver assignment.  This mode is available to all registered FreePOS users and should be used in environments where multiple terminals will access the phone orders.   These videos show how a single or double terminal system could be configured.)


Defining A Group Of Jobs For Your Employee(s)

(POS Configuration -> System Settings -> Job Groups)


Defining Discount Reasons & Amounts

(POS Configuration -> System Settings -> Discounts)


Installing The Database Server Licenses After You Register FreePOS

(POS Configuration -> System Settings -> dbServer)


Custom Settings That Allow You To "Tweak Out" The POS For Your Business

(POS Configuration -> Utilities -> Custom Settings)


Legacy V1-V4.95 Back Office Reporting (Starting In V5.5 the back office was substantially upgraded.   Please refer to the End User Video Training page.)


Setting Up Static & Dynamic IP Addresses On A POS Station


The Windows STARTUP Folder And It's Uses Are Explained Below


Setting Up A Salad Dressing Forced Modifier


Adding To & Creating Modifier Group Pages