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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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We teach you how to use, install and manage a FreePOS system.   We usually visit local restaurants that are running FreePOS too.  The class is lots of fun... some people even come back to it multiple times!



Are you considering FreePOS as a product for your customers?




Supplement your existing income or install FreePOS systems full time and make six figures annually!


FreePOS Training



Learn In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Let's face it... the major airlines are expensive, cramped and unreliable.   Why travel when you don't have to?   FreePOS Online Training is a great way to learn about FreePOS in the comfort of your own home.   To sign up for the next online seminar, just send us an email with your name and telephone number (sales@myfreepos.net).   We are planning to have several online seminars in 2014-2015 because so many of our clients have asked about the option of distance learning.




Classes Now Forming!

If you want to learn about POS computer systems be sure to attend this popular boot camp.  It is not all work, in fact many people attend repeatedly each year!  To sign up, just send us an email with your name and telephone number (sales@myfreepos.net).    The class is FREE but you must let us know that you are coming because we cater lunch and we don't want anyone to starve!

While at the training class you'll learn about the restaurant business, credit card processing, FreePOS installation procedures, printer & kitchen video setup, hand held order taking and you'll get an introduction to many of our latest software and hardware products!    It is an educational class but we always make it FUN.

Depending on the schedule, we may install a local restaurant as part of the classroom exercises... so please dress casually!  This is a fantastic way to learn "hands on" how to implement FreePOS.   




FreePOS Accelerated Training Class:   March 24, 2012

Thanks to all who attended our first of many accelerated training programs.   We enjoyed meeting everyone and have now proven through advanced laboratory experiments that lunch from Subway does NOT get better the longer it waits!!   LOL!












FreePOS Sales Seminar In Myrtle Beach, SC:   July 30, 2011

Thanks to all who attended our seminar course in sales channel development in SC.   The class was concise, informative and lots of fun.   Now, let's not keep the beaches waiting any longer!!


FreePOS Boot Camp At Main Office In Vinton, VA:   December 4, 2010

Special thanks for attending this condensed 1 day session of FreePOS School.   Above the entire class is working on POS installation and programming exercises in groups.  It was a pleasure to meet all of you.   We had attendees from CO, FL, PA, VA, NJ and TN.   SPECIAL KUDOS to Amelia of Roanoke Bagels for catering a killer spread --- everyone enjoyed your fantastic food sooooooo much!!   (Those brownies were 100% fat free, right?)


July 26, 2010:   Our RSPA Show training class at Mandalay Bay went off without a hitch... thanks to everyone who came to see us!   Todd got very lucky at roulette too with a renegade $200 bet on Red 14...  WOW! 


FreePOS Boot Camp At Rookies Sports Bar:   April 11, 2010

Thanks for attending this session of FreePOS School.   Above the entire class finished installation of the sports bar's new computer system.  Cabling, Credit Card Server Setup and FreePOS Configuration were all covered!  Special thanks to all who attended from VA, PA, MD, TX, FL and DE.

FreePOS Seminar In Sarasota,FL 2009-2010:  Pictures Coming Soon

FreePOS Sales Seminar In Las Vegas:  March 4th, 2009

After doing 103 demos in just 2 days we took a break and met with some of our top business partners.   Special thanks to all who attended the show - THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY OUR BOOTH!


FreePOS Bootcamp:   JANUARY 17-18, 2009

Special thanks to everyone who attended this intensive 2 day boot camp.   We are happy to welcome new techs in Boca Raton FL, Rockford IL, Oak Hill VA,  Brookfield WI, Chicago IL and Pittsburg PA.   Everyone had lots of fun - except for one fellow who is still waiting for his lunch to arrive (it's OK - we'll mail it to you!)


FreePOS Seminar:  OCTOBER 14, 2008 - ATLANTIC CITY, NJ

Thanks to John, Phillip & Keith who helped make the seminar & trade show presentation a huge success!


FreePOS School:  APRIL 26-27, 2008 - ROANOKE, VA

A particularly good looking group this time... except for one guy (see if you can spot him).   Anyway, lots of fun was had by all as the class configured a real restaurant and learned how to install FreePOS.   This class came to us from GA, PA, VA, NC, DE and Toronto.     Thank you for coming!



FreePOS Sales Seminar In Atlantic City, NJ:  Congratulations to top performers!

FreePOS School:  FEB 16-17, 2008 - ATLANTA, GA

Pictures coming soon.   Thanks to all who attended!


Beta Testing Party:  FEB 2nd, 2008 - ROANOKE, VA

The beta testing party went off without a hitch.   The beta group identified over 30 programming changes required before V6 is to be released.  Special thanks to:  John, Darryl, Garry & Phillip.   You guys rock! 


FreePOS School:   DEC 15 / 2007 - ATLANTIC CITY, NJ

"Sorry!" goes out to those who got caught in the NJ/NY area weather and couldn't attend.  Even with only half of the class, we all had a great time!  New techs came in from as far away as: NJ, PA, NY, MN, GA, MD and VA. 



FreePOS School:   AUG 25-26 / 2007 - VINTON, VA

Thanks to all who came to our August class.   This bunch was a hoot to have as guests.   We'd also like to thank those people who attended our seminar classes in Florida, Texas and Chicago... it was a pleasure to meet you all!


FreePOS School:   MAR / 2007 - VINTON, VA

Sorry we didn't get everyone in this picture... a wide angle lens is on the shopping list!   Special thanks to those who came from as far away as:  CT, TX, FL, IN & Canada.  Sorry we didn't get to meet those of you whose flight was cancelled due to the strong north-eastern snow storms.  Hope to see you next time!

FreePOS School:   NOV / 2006 - VINTON, VA

Another great group of people from all over the USA.  Here we are munching down tasty food at Table-50 Restaurant (wonder which POS they use?)   BIG WELCOME to all new techs!


FreePOS School:   JULY / 2006 - ROANOKE, VA

A super group came to our training program from all across the globe this July!   Positive Feedback Software welcomes our newest business partners in MI, The US Virgin Islands, TN, NY, CA, WI and NH.


FreePOS School:   APRIL / 2006 - ROANOKE, VA

Thanks to all who attended FreePOS School in our new corporate offices.  Sorry the office construction wasn't quite finished!  Visitors came from:  TX, NC, VA, GA, TN, MD,  NH and MI.   This was one of our largest classes to date with over 25 attendees.  




Thanks to all who attended FreePOS School in our hardware manufacturing facility in NC.   Visitors came from:  Canada, NC, VA, MD, AR, TX, NY and SC.   What a super group!