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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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Palm and CE based portables are famous for having small and unreadable screens.   While FreePOS can now run on these devices, we recommend that you consider the "human factor" before making a purchase.   Older people will tend to have a difficult time using these tiny screens.   By using a tablet or Ultra Mobile PC, you get

(1) Portability

(2) Faster operation

(3) A clearer image

(4) Better wireless range.


Hand Held Terminals



FreePOS Supports Wireless Waitering...

By running FreePOS on Windows XP Tablet Edition, your service staff can take orders right at the table.  FreePOS even supports credit card processing wirelessly (the customer signs the tablet computer's screen!)

When using a wireless system, run FreePOS on 1 or 2 wireless computers if you are using a consumer grade wireless access point.   Multiple wireless terminals can cause system performance problems unless you install multiple access points & signal boosters.   For larger installations, we recommend using a commercial grade wireless access point.

Any portable computer that supports 800x600 video resolution and has built in 802.11B/G wireless should be acceptable for FreePOS.   Using a new technology called Mocha, FreePOS can run on Palm, Windows CE and other sub-800x600 portable devices.  Our preferred operating system is Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Just remember, you are shopping for four key features with portable devices:

  1. Screen Size - What good is a portable POS terminal if you can't read the screen easily?
  2. Battery Life - 4 hours should be a minimum charge
  3. Built-in wireless - Add-on PCMCIA cards are ugly & can come loose during a meal service.  What a hassle!   You want built-in wireless.
  4. Price - Currently retail stores like Best Buy carry UMPCs for $899 - $1299 each.  However, on ebay these machines are often half of that.   Also, look at www.umpcportal.com for new vendors & valuable information.
The Future Of This Technology:  UMPC



Microsoft's UMPC Plan


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