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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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Ask yourself,  "What do I need my POS to do?"

Most people answer:

  • Print checks
  • Print tickets in the kitchen
  • Balance the cash drawer
  • Process credit cards
  • Act as a time clock
  • Run some reports
  • Count a few inventory items
  • Control theft

FreePOS is the way to go!


Smart Reasons To Choose FreePOS Over The Rest


FreePOS is just $99.95 per station to register.  Our support rate is just $1/minute.   These prices are unheard of in the POS industry.   Most of the big POS companies charge $150+/incident or more and require pre-payment before they will even schedule a call to your site.  Not to mention, the big POS companies charge five times what we do for their software.

Ease Of Use

FreePOS is absolutely the easiest restaurant POS software to use.  Even the mega POS software companies can't compete with us.   FreePOS almost eliminates new employee training.


FreePOS is not designed with Microsoft products.  FreePOS is not designed to utilize proprietary data formats.   FreePOS is friendly with other programs.   FreePOS is available in source code format.   FreePOS is porting to Ubuntu Linux right now.  

Credit Card Processing

FreePOS is able to process credit cards using an integrated card server.   Due to the dynamic nature of the credit card processing industry, please call us for the most up to date information on PCI Compliance and processor compatibility.


We go out of our way to offer technical support in a cost effective way.   Free email support.  Free training classes.   Low cost per minute telephone support.   To get a hand you are NOT required to pay any monthly fees or be on a "contract".

Honor System Licensing

No other POS software company licenses their software on an honor system.  If you copy FreePOS to 1000 restaurants, oh well, you saved some money.  But we don't think restaurant owners are the type of people to do this.   And so far, we've been proven correct.

Free Updates

Every year, FreePOS has gotten better.   We never charge for software updates or version upgrades.   Register once and you are entitled to download the latest version of FreePOS for life.


FreePOS has over 2500 features.   With hundreds of restaurants using FreePOS already, we've got all the basics covered - and we're adding bells & whistles every day to make our next release even better!

Add It All Up

If you sign up with a big POS company, they will charge you one or all of these fees eventually:

  • Software license fees - for each "a la carte" module

  • Monthly fee to use gift cards - plus a transaction fee & card purge fees

  • Version upgrade fee - after a year or two.

  • Bug fixes require a reseller to install & aren't always free

  • Software license transfer fee - when you sell your business

  • "We no longer support that version, you must upgrade" is a popular quote that often means you have to upgrade equipment as well as software.

  • Monthly or annual support contract - after your initial plan ends


How To Evaluate a POS Software Package
The POS software market is grossly over populated.   For every buyer, there are 25+ vendors with a suitable product.   Keep these facts & concepts in mind:
  • Dozens of POS software companies come and go every year... purchasing a software package and its source code guarantees your long term satisfaction.
  • Look for software that is being actively supported and developed.  New features are expensive to develop... so many companies stop upgrades to save money.
  • Email the POS company or call them on the phone.   If it takes 24 hours to get a response, think how you would feel if your system was down while you waited.
  • Software always has bugs in it... because people make mistakes.   The important thing is that if you find a bug, the programmer will fix it for you quickly.  Call the POS company.   Can you reach a programmer?
  • Training is vital.   Can you get all the documentation you require?  What about a "smart person" on the phone?
  • Support should be available locally if you need it.  
  • Support should be easy enough to do yourself.   Be careful of POS software packages that "require" a local reseller for installation & upgrades.

The truth is, the level of service and the financial stability of the software company is very important.  It's critical to evaluate the software company; otherwise you could run into some frustrating and expensive problems.

Take Responsibility

Many restaurant owners give the responsibility of choosing a POS system to an employee or a computer consultant that is not familiar with the business.   This is very bad thinking.

Top management and other key personnel must be involved in the selection and implementation process. You should never rely solely on a consultant's recommendation or input.  Many 'consultants' are actually independent reps for products.   They get paid for each 'referral' they supply.   Be careful.

The person that evaluates the software must have in-depth knowledge about your business.   Multi-user POS software is complicated and requires an IT and Operations background.

Overlooking Features 

Unless you are a POS expert, it's difficult to sort through countless POS systems and figure out what you need.  What's more, it's difficult to understand the "true" potential of your POS system.  As a result, many people get confused and they overlook important features that would save them a lot of time and money. 

Most people don't realize that every POS system is very different.  Some are designed for large environments while others are for "Mom 'n' Pop" establishments.     As a result, it's common for people to end up with POS software that isn't really designed for them

Too Complicated

Some POS systems are designed to be complicated and confusing.   This is done to feed a reseller/dealer network lots of billable hours.   Learn to support and install your system in house if you want to save money in the long run.


If you like a POS system but it is missing a vital feature or two, call the POS developer and see if they'll add the features you need.   Many products (like FreePOS) encourage end user development ideas and don't charge for add-ons that improve the future marketability of the product.


FreePOS should be considered as an inexpensive solution to restaurant automation.   But please, be sure to evaluate all the options available to you.   Ask plenty of questions and demo the software packages you are considering before purchasing them.