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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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The big POS companies sell bundles that can include outrageous monthly and upfront costs.   By purchasing your own equipment, it is easy to save thousands of dollars.


Running computer cable is simple.  Just get prefabricated cables... the hard part (putting the RJ45 connectors on them) will already be done!


Refurbished computers are very affordable.  Buy them from a respected vendor and keep an extra around in case there are any problems.   You'll save a ton of money and have a spare ready whenever you need it.


FreePOS is compatible with every touch screen that is Windows compatible.   Lots of deals are out there in limited quantities.


Plus we are here to help you - just sign up for phone support and we'll give you a hand getting your system up and running.  But please, don't call us on a Monday and tell us you need to go live Tuesday morning.   It'll take a few days to get everything scheduled and organized.   Thanks!


How To Get A 3 Station POS System For $1987 With No Strings Attached

If you are a "do it yourselfer" here's how to save BIG money and never have a monthly payment due... for $1987 you can OWN a 3 station POS system outright and learn a lot about saving money on computers in the process!

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Buy 3 Dell computers with Windows XP or Windows 7 on them.   Look at this sample machine available on ebay.com, newegg.com and tigerdirect.com.  (Total cost of this step is $299.91 + $18 shipping = $317.91)

  • Next you will need 3 touch screens.    If you shop around on ebay.com, newegg.com and tigerdirect.com you will find a variety of them for $300 or so that are in excellent condition.   Today (Jun 18, 2011) we found this 18" touch screen.   Total cost for this step is $705 including shipping!

  • The next thing we'll need is 4 receipt printers (3 for the stations and 1 for the kitchen).   Today we searched around and found these printers for $109 each.  We did a little compromising here and elected to get printers that have no auto cutter in them (just a rip bar) - but for an extra $45 you can get an auto-cutter if you really want that.     Total cost of this step is 4 x $109.97 for a total of $439.88


  • Of course, your Dell computers already have Windows on them, so there is no extra cost for an operating system.   But you do need to register FreePOS.   That will cost $299.85 for a 3 station system.   Total cost of this step:  $299.85

  • Next, we will need a cash drawer.   You can order one from Positive Feedback Software for just $129.95 + shipping.  Please note that the cash shown is not included.  LOL!    Total cost $150 with shipping included.

  • Finally, we're going to need a router and some prefabricated cables.   You can visit CablesToGo.com or order this stuff from Positive Feedback Software.   Either way, it will cost ~ $75.    Total cost for this step $75.

  • Every restaurant owner needs an office suite and Antivirus software.   Both are available FREE at www.myfreepos.net/download.htm   Download and install Open Office and AVG.   Total cost for this step:  $0.00


  • If you want to process credit cards, you'll want to (1) open an x-charge account and (2) be sure your computer has a minimum of Windows 7 Professional installed since XP has been phased out as of April/2014.   The only cost you'll incur is $299.85 for 3 magnetic stripe readers (you must purchase these from Positive Feedback Software for best results).    Total cost to have integrated credit card processing is $299.85     Please learn more about credit card processing changes that are coming soon:

  •  www.PCISecurityStandards.org   

  •  www.myfreepos.net\creditcards.htm  

At this point you have spent a total of $1,987.64 for a 3 station POS system with software, hardware, cabling, shipping, virus protection and an office suite that includes a spreadsheet and a word processor.

If you want to add integrated credit card processing (optional), add another $299.85 to the total for mag readers and x-charge.   Here's the x-charge application you need to fill out to get the ball rolling.

Are you worried the prices will get higher?   Think again.   Computer equipment gets CHEAPER every day - it never goes up in value.   So you might be able to pull in this system for a few hundred less if you shop around more carefully than we did.   Auction sites have incredible deals that we did not explore in this example.

Do you want a 24/7 hardware service plan?   Think again.   For an extra $100 or so, you can buy an extra workstation computer.   For another hundred bucks, get a spare printer.   If the old stuff breaks, swap it out.  That sure beats paying $39/month for a hardware support plan.

Do you want some help setting everything up?   Fill out a phone support agreement and schedule an appointment with us.   You will need high speed internet service - for more info, click here.    Usually it takes us 30 - 45 minutes per station to get your hardware and peripherals setup.  Call ahead of time a few days in advance for best results.

Are you wondering who will key in your menu?   The answer is YOU.   It's very easy to do and we can show you in 30 minutes or less how to add categories, menu items and modifiers.   Plus, you don't want to pay a tech every time your menu changes do you?   Learn how and save tons of money over the life of your system.