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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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100% Touch Screen Driven Operation

Powerful feature set
Easy to use
Ultra reliable operation



Screen Shots Of FreePOS

POS Configuration is where you can edit menus & change the system's operational preferences.


The powerful VIP House Account Manager allows you to run a country club or corporate accounts with ease!


The advanced seating chart manager shows each table along with the number of minutes since last service.   A blue table is "open".   A bright red table is "ordering".   A dark red table's check has been printed.   A green table is at the cashier.   A brown dish icon indicates the table requires bussing.   New in V6 is a TRON IN/OUT button - which allows servers to stay clocked into their tables for up to 15 seconds. 

Up to 6 full color seating charts can be stored in FreePOS in addition to the dedicated bar mode.


Optional speed keys (shown above below the check) are a huge time saver for bars & quick service establishments!   With just one button push an entire combo-meal dialog can be started.  (NEW in V6.85 of FreePOS)


The powerful online ordering gateway waits for orders to arrive at your website!


The ability to REPRINT a check on the fly or view it on screen from any POS station reduces paper consumption and makes an audit trail in the process.   (NEW for version 6.85)


Touch screen based throughout, FreePOS makes ordering food a simple affair.  The brightly colored buttons clearly explain what they are used for.   The check & menu are always easy to find and big buttons make it easy to select what the customer wants even on a small touch screen.


The message board with integrated calculator, clock and wireless pager system makes communication amongst the staff a simple task.  You can even set the kitchen to "beep" the server when an order is ready for pick up!


Barcoded checks make the cashier mode of FreePOS faster than ever (NEW in V6.85)



For restaurants that deliver, we've added phone ordering with integrated caller ID and a connection to Google Maps.   Because maps are updated by Google free of charge, you won't ever be stuck using an old version of a 3rd party mapping software.   It's even compatible with STREET VIEW which allows you to see the road just as if you were driving!    (New in V6.85)


The integrated time clock allows each employee to select their job and pay rate.  

Manager approval can be turned on or off.


Reports are just a touch away... making trips to the optional back office machine just once in a while.


A closed circuit TV system can be viewed from any POS station.  Wow!

Using our online ordering gateway, FreePOS can receive online orders from virtually any online ordering system.   It is even possible to edit orders after they have been placed online.   Online orders can fire to expo stations, kitchen video monitors, prep printers or any combination!


Customer loyalty programs are easily configured and implemented & even integrate with VIP & Gift Card modules.


Item counters can automatically take items off your menu when supply runs out.


Copy/Paste/Edit your menus in Excel or Calc (we recommend OpenOffice & it is free!)


 A powerful back office reporting system gives you information about your restaurant's performance!


Powerful drive thru automation that now includes the ability to run customer displays

and order verification!


Use colorful coasters & wireless paging technology to make your restaurant run smoothly!


Hand held ordering with electronic signature capture on Nokia N800 handhelds and most UMPCs.


Powerful interactive Kitchen Video solutions (touch screen, MicroPlus or ROD/KDS)


Biometric fingerprint scanning eliminates buddy clock-ins and increases security!


Charge meals directly to a hotel room (FreePOS integrates with your Property Management Software)
Screen Shots Don't Show It All...

Some POS systems look "prettier" than FreePOS does... but none are easier to use.   You'll find that training time for a new employee is almost eliminated when you implement FreePOS.   You'll also find that FreePOS is extremely reliable.  Locally, we'll often put in a POS system and not get a service call until six months to a year goes by.


Download FreePOS today and you'll see for yourself that it offers...

  • Reduced employee training time

  • Low entry cost

  • Reliable operation

  • Powerful features

  • Flexible printing

  • Advanced security