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A huge advertising budget isn't required for good community P/R.

Losing a customer is expensive - make sure everyone comes back.
The local media is your friend... if you're nice to them!
Learn what restaurant reviewers are looking for before they visit you!


Public Relations For Restaurants

Does Your Restaurant Have A Radio Face In A TV World?

Every restaurant needs to become part of the community.   This goal can take years or even decades to achieve... but when it happens, your business becomes a landmark and earns "tenure" in the community.

If you can't wait for 10 or 20 years and you want instant community status, here are five techniques you may wish to apply to your business.

#1   Church, Charity & School Fund Raisers

Were you thinking about running a $1,250 ad in the next newspaper?   How about instead of spending your money on ink and paper you donate 50% of Monday Night's take to a local church?   

The church gets a wonderful fund raiser for a worthy cause and you get the benefit of their event advertising.   Lesson:   advertising costs money and fund raising events cost time.


#2  Local Media Is Your Friend

If you know when someone famous will be visiting your establishment or if you book a 100th Birthday for someone in the community, be sure to alert the local media.   The reason you don't see more "feel good" articles on the local news is that they are hard to find.   If you are creative and forward this type of story to your local media, they will think of you more often... which is great!  Maybe they will even invite you to cook on the air.


#3  Restaurant Reviewers Are EZ

Look at what most reviewers write when they don't like a restaurant:

  1. The rest rooms were adequate.

  2. The service was friendly but uninspired.

  3. The food was warm, not hot.

  4. The price was upscale.

So learn from this and stop making the mistakes you read about each day:

Keep the rest rooms sparkling.  Did you know that FreePOS can send timed alerts to your staff every 30 minutes?   The computer will remind them when to clean the restrooms.

Keep the service great by optimizing the preparation cycle and rewarding servers with bonuses for selling your best dishes.

If food isn't hot, fix the problem without resorting to a microwave oven.  Remember, microwave ovens create problems - they do not fix them!!

If you would be willing to pay $12.95 for your Chicken Pasta sell it for $11.95.   Always leave value on the table for your customer.   Don't worry about food cost percentages - worry about sales volume.


#4  Sample This, Sample That

Encourage your servers to offer a sample before a customer orders.   If your prices are upscale, this is even more important.   Wines, sides and fresh seafood make for excellent samplers.   And what better way is there to sell a $28 per plate lobster spaghetti dish than to sample a bite of the lobster before ordering?   It works!


#5  Kids Are Great

Want to know where Mom & Dad go for dinner?   Wherever the kids say.   If you want special requests for your restaurant from kids, empty out a closet and fill it to the brim with candy of all varieties.   Then let all the kids who come to your restaurant pick three items from the "candy closet" before they go.  



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