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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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FreePOS Is Now Available FREE OF CHARGE - No Registration Fee Required!

When you register FreePOS, you will receive these benefits & extra features.  All for a small one time fee of just $99.95/station.   There are NEVER any additional charges for new versions of FreePOS - upgrades are always FREE FOR LIFE once you register!

Itemized Features:

  1. Registering FreePOS activates every feature in the program.  
  2. PIZZA Mode - 12 Crust Types, 12 Sizes & 360 Toppings possible!
  3. Phone ordering w/ Caller ID support
  4. Contact  manager software
  5. VIP House Accounts
  6. Open Check Reporting
  7. Historical Reports - Easily accessible from the POS terminals!
  8. Appointment manager (catering) software.
  9. Flexible loyalty, keyword & points accumulation system
  10. Kitchen Display System
  11. Portion an item (i.e.  share a bottle of wine)
  12. Electronic Scale Interface (i.e. Potato salad sold per pound)
  13. Biometric Scanning possible when you register
  14. 48 way check splits instead of just 16.
  15. Programmable restaurant areas
  16. More than 2 POS terminals are supported (up to 64)
  17. Discounted support via telephone and email
  18. Fast Bar ordering mode
  19. WINSpool - An easy to use print spooler
  20. HOTEL interface
  21. Priority access to a live technician
  22. Multi-Spooler software for complex print routing.
  23. Reservations module
  24. FreeVideo - CCTV System
  25. Auto-Split a check by seat number
  26. CCTV System
  27. Guest counters for kids and adults
  28. Re-order round button.
  29. On the fly custom menu recipe page.
  30. Online bar tender's guide.
  31. Keyword report - break out sales by any classification you desire.
  32. Improved program support for peripheral hardware
  33. Superimpose & audit orders (with or without CCTV)
  34. LOCK a user into a terminal.
  35. Tax Exempt any item or an entire check.
  36. Free Upgrades when released.
  37. Print to USB printers
  38. Software For MicroPlus KDS System
  39. MERGE items at different tables together using the TRANSFER key.
  40. Local & remote serial printer support with redirection.
  41. Gift card processing now integrated without network fees.  WOW!
  42. Item & Group Count Downs - "86" menu items when supplies run out!
  43. Table bussing becomes fully integrated with the POS
  44. Wireless Paging Module
  45. Access to our vast array of pre-programmed restaurants
  46. Walk-in list manager
  47. Hourly Sales by tron report
  48. Free tuition to any of our FreePOS School classes or seminars
  49. Advanced TIP Reporting
  50. Bulk transfer all open checks from one tron to another
  51. Multiple Stores?  Send your sales to a website!
  52. Faster network operation
  53. Seat Numbering
  54. TrafficSmart Wireless Table side ordering
  55. Combined Shift Reporting per day
  56. Map to kitchen & bar printers based on the POS terminal.
  57. Barcoded tickets that are scannable at the cashier
  58. Mapping integration with Google
  59. VSpool - our powerful new print spooling engine for Vista
  60. PLUS - our new Ethernet TCP/IP Print Spooler & 50+ extra features!

What Happens When You Register?

Registering as a FreePOS end user is simple.   Simply click one of the Buy Now buttons above and complete the payment process (you can use Paypal or any major credit card).   If you need to register more than 10 POS stations, please call us and we'll handle your registration over the telephone.

After your payment is processed, you'll receive an email from Positive Feedback Software requesting the name, address & telephone number of the site you wish to register.   Please reply to this email with the information requested.

Finally, we'll email you an activation number and a registered edition installer program.  At this point, registration is completed.

Due to the number of registrations we receive each day, we process them in batches at 2:00P EST M-F.   If you need files immediately, please call us and we'll help you out.   Otherwise, expect the entire registration process to take one business day.

Please note:  We do not offer refunds on our software after a registration code has been issued.   Please make sure you ask questions and test the software BEFORE you make your purchase.   Because our registration codes work for all present and future editions of the software, once you receive a code you own it.