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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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Private labeling is a powerful tool.   Call us today for a free consultation.


Private Label FreePOS
FreePOS Rebranding Introduction


FreePOS is a powerful POS system that is easily adaptable to custom and private label environments.   Often this flexibility results in an improved bottom line and reduced overall licensing expenses.


Benefits Of Rebranding

  • Private label a complete POS system for your chain of stores
  • Updates are generated parallel to FreePOS evolution
  • Sell franchise operators a complete POS system and retain private label fees generated in corporate.
  • Centrally manage menus & databases.
  • Create your own product line - instantly!
  • OEM interface solutions for equipment & vertical market solution providers.
  • Training available for user, administrator and developer levels.
  • Sole supplier distinction.

Combine our private label software solutions with our hardware expertise and you'll instantly realize ROI with nearly nonexistent R&D costs.  Go from the "product development phase" to fulfilling your first sale inside of 30 days.   That's the power of private label re-branding.

Equipment Makes This The Total Solution
Positive Feedback Software has a new line of All-In-One POS computers which are value priced & rebrandable (with either thermal print or metal/ABS adhesive panels)

 Introducing The T-Series All-In-One POS Terminal

The T-Series all-in-one is here with features that WOW

  • Fast Intel 2.8Ghz CPU
  • 512MB RAM Standard
  • Spill sealed screen
  • Redundant cooling system with AirMaster Technology
  • Wall or Counter/Bar mounting possible
  • Full support for Vista, XP or Embedded WE/POS


Single Site Restaurateur:  More Information Please

For the small to medium sized restaurant that is looking for an All-In-One based POS system, we offer a solution that will fit your needs & budget.   Give us a call and we'll put together a proposal that is right for you.


Consultant: Technical Specs Please

For a detailed specification sheet on the T-Series, please send us an email:   sales@positive-feedback.net


Reseller:  Rebrand The T-Series POS Terminal

When you rebrand our hardware (which includes a complete line of printers, touch screens, all-in-one POS stations & cash drawers) you receive the benefit of continuous advertising while maintaining a separate pricing structure.

Using advanced thermal printing technology, Positive Feedback Software can make your company a "brand name" without requiring all of the R&D typically required.  Call today.


Chain Restaurant:  More Revenue Is Waiting

Our hardware rebranding program allows you to purchase equipment that has customized logos & graphics printed on the equipment.  Make every store's computer system "your own" & lock in new corporate revenue centers like extended warranty plans, loaner programs & technology upgrades.  

Some chains even sell advertising space on their counter POS stations.   We can connect you with national brands that will pay as much as $25/month for placing ads on your customer-facing equipment!

This powerful rebranding solution is perfect for the rapidly expanding chain of restaurants... and it doesn't take a huge order to get started!



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