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Treat your customers right and serve fresh food in a simple way.  If you can do this,  you'll be sitting on a gold mine.


The Customer Needs Understanding

Simple procedures are all it takes to know your customers better.   Here are some expert approaches that should help you do better:

#1 Customer Surveys & Newsletters
With a customer survey or newsletter you can ask & advertise strategic and targeted questions thus allowing you to gain insight into your customer’s perspective.  Surveys can be distributed using email, suggestion cards or just print them right on the check.

#2 Personal Touch!
Since efficiency and speed of service have become increasingly important, many restaurant owners have forgotten to engage the public with each visit.   A charming comment from a manager, the personal touch of an attentive waiter or a dish arriving hand delivered by the Chef can keep customers coming back for a lifetime. Encourage your staff to ask customers for their feedback.

#3 Break Bread
Many customers arrive hungry and ready to eat.   Bring them bread or a similar "right now" food upon arrival.


Need Help With Your Restaurant?
Positive Feedback Software LLC offers restaurant and operations consulting services across the USA.   If you would like to fix problems before they start, call us today.  

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