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"Finally there is an affordable POS system for restaurants.  Table Service, Quick Serve, Bar, Carryout and Delivery are all supported. FreePOS can save you money!"



Protect Your Data




FreePOS is not copy protected.  This means that you can backup or copy the data & program as often as you wish without being required to enter serial numbers or keys.   We made FreePOS this way so that the maintenance tasks on this page would be easy to do!


Twice a year, you should:

  1. Clean out the fans in your computer with compressed air.  Be sure to turn the power off before you clean.   If you are using canned air, be sure that the can is held in such a way that "liquid" does not blow out all over your computer's fans & mainboard.  The best type of air to use is the kind from a small air compressor.
  2. Backup your entire file server (back office) PC's hard disk.  Use a hard disk cloning package so that your OS, programs and data are all safely & completely stored.


Every month, you should:

  1. Copy the entire \FreePOS\ folder to a CD or DVD and store the back up OFFSITE.   This will protect you in the event of a total loss (flood, hurricane etc)


Every week you should:

  1. Backup the...

    \FreePOS\SETUP and \FreePOS\SHARED folders to a disk.  These folders contain your menus & setup information.

    \FreePOS\GIFTCARD folder to a disk.   This folder contains your gift card database.

    \FreePOS\DELIVERY folder to a disk.   This folder contains all of your delivery telephone numbers & addresses.


Every day you should:

  1. Wipe down each computer's touch screen with Glass-Plus or a similar non-abrasive cleaner.
  2. Remove the paper rolls from each printer and wipe out the clamshell where the paper is held.
  3. Verify that your computers have adequate ventilation.  Sometimes we've seen stacks of napkins or even plastic wrap blocking airflow.