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Popular Technical Support Calls
1.  My printer has stopped printing.

(a) Is there paper in the printer?

(b) Is the printer turned ON?

(c) Is the cable connected to the back of the printer securely?

(d) Is the cable connected to the back of the computer securely?

(e) Try rebooting the PC that the printer is connected to.   Maybe the print spooler software has stopped running.

2.  My credit cards won't process.

(a) Can you go to the internet?   If not, the internet may be down.  Call your ISP.

(b) If you are processing cards over dial-up, is your external modem turned ON?   Is anyone else using the phone line?    Perhaps a fax?

(c)  If you use CreditLine is the Credit Card Gateway running?   Is the CreditLine Server running?   Both must be.


3.  My touch screen won't track my touch correctly.

(a) Sometimes, touch screens lose their calibration.   This causes the screen to track your touch incorrectly.  Usually, this is caused by liquid spills, dirt or power fluctuations.

(b) If you cannot get into the calibration utility, plug in a USB mouse and use it to navigate to the calibration utility.


4.  My screen is black.

(a) If the video cable is loose this can happen.

(b) If the power is disconnected, this can happen.

(c) You may have a screen saver - touch the screen and see if an image re-appears.

(d) The power brick (external power supplies only) may be disconnected from the power source.

5.  I am getting a message that a "manager has already done an override".

(a) If two people try to do a manager override on the same table, this can happen.   Press MGR and then RESET USER/MGR in the functions window of the POS's manager screen.

6.  I am getting a message that "someone else is using your user ID at another terminal."

(a) If people are sharing the same user ID, the system will lock the user ID as a precaution.  This can also happen if a power failure occurs while in order entry.  Either way:   Press MGR and then RESET USER/MGR in the functions windows of the POS's manager screen.

7.  Yesterday's sales are merging with today's sales.

(a) End Of Day was not run.   Press MGR and then RUN END OF DAY.  Be sure to answer YES when prompted, "Did your reports print properly?"  If you answer NO the end of day will be backed out automatically.

After end of day runs, click RE-OPEN A CHECK.   If no checks are listed then end of day ran successfully.

8.  My cash drawer will not open.

(a) If your printer is OFF or OUT OF PAPER this will happen.

(b) Most drawers are shipped with packing tape.   The tape must be removed from the inside rails or you will experience intermittent drawer opening.

9.  My computer will not boot up to Windows.

(a) A floppy disk or CD may be in the computer.

(b) A USB device such as a thumb drive or flash media card may be in the computer.

(c) The screen may be off - thus making you think the computer hasn't rebooted.

(d) If you have multiple video monitors, both must be ON when you boot the machine.

10. A table has turned green.

(a) If you add a user to the system and UNCHECK the "ACCEPT PAYMENT" user right, the system will send their checks to the cashier station and the table will turn GREEN.   

(b) If a server can close out their own checks, check the ACCEPT PAY right or use the set_code AAP (always accept pay) at each station.

(c) To fix a GREEN table, just reset it (POS-CFG -> Utilities -> Reset Table).  Then check the ACCEPT PAY user right for the user ID in question.   Then Re-ring the check.

11. My POS system is running slowly or I am getting a "network disk error"

(a) If your hub, switch or router fails you may get this message.   Always put these network devices on a battery backup.

(b) If a cable is loose, noisy or too long you may notice slow downs and error messages.  125' is the maximum distance for CAT/5 cable.

(c) If you are using wireless network cards (which are not recommended!!) you will get this type of message regularly.

12. All of my stations are displaying "Database server timed out."

(a) DBSERVER.EXE must be running on the back office or "brain computer" of your system.   If the database server is not running, this message will appear.

(b) You may have multiple .CS files in the \FreePOS\Shared folder.   If so, delete the LOWEST NUMBERED .CS FILES leaving only the HIGHEST NUMBERED .CS FILE 

What If I Need Help 7 Days Per Week ?
Monthly telephone support contracts are available.   Please call for a rate quotation.