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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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FreePOS In A Pizza Place...

FreePOS will be a very good match for you.   You'll be able to keep track of tables, labor and complex pizza orders.   Pizza Mode (pictured below) is only available when you register FreePOS which costs $99.95/terminal and is a one time fee.  

Delivery orders can be entered with the help of the telephone number lookup system.   Carryout orders can be entered with Last Name & phone number tracking.   You'll also be able to print "delivery receipts" in the kitchen as well as at the cashier terminal.  


There are no major limitations, however, if you have complex reporting needs, you should evaluate the back office report generator before making a decision.  FreePOS doesn't have "topping popularity" reports for example.   3rd party products like Crystal Reports or Access can be configured to run custom reports if they are required.   NEW!   FreePOS (registered edition only) offers two and four line caller ID, driver mapping, driver reports and customer database export to Excel capability.


FreePOS will run your Pizza Shop like a pro for a fraction of the cost.