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"Do it yourselfers" can save thousands of dollars.

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Don't Be Scared... You Can Do It!
Did you know that the most common mistake restaurant owners make is FEARING COMPUTERS?

This phobia results in them paying a huge penalty.  Look at the people who support and install computers... do you really think they know more about running a restaurant than you?   Of course not.   They just know a bunch of fancy vocabulary and catch phrases.   YOU know more about the restaurant business.

So why in the world would you ask your local geek to install a computer system in your restaurant when he/she knows nothing about running a restaurant?   It's crazy!   But day after day I see restaurant owners paying for "a dream system" that two years later turns out to be a nightmare.  

There is only one course of action to liberate yourself:   EDUCATION.

Look, a POS system is just an overgrown cash register - it isn't rocket science.   At Positive Feedback Software, we're not splitting the atom and inventing cold fusion.   FreePOS is just a program that adds numbers, displays information and prints it out.   You can learn this stuff I am sure!

So how do you learn about POS?  Here are some first steps:

  • Call (540) 243-0300 - We will help you with advice
  • Get 3 quotes on a POS system... and see what the vendors tell you.  Don't buy a system, just listen to what they say.   You'll be able to sort out the BS-ers from the honest people.
  • Next, watch the videos on this website.  Even if you're not going to buy FreePOS, watch the videos and see how it works.   If you don't understand everything the first time, don't worry.   Just soak up some information.
  • Learn to use Windows XP - go to community college for a weekend and really understand what it does.   This is foundational to any system you will purchase.  (Apple computers don't have very good POS systems for restaurants)

If I told you that you could make an extra $20,000 in sales for cooking 12 hours straight, you'd be on the line in double time.   Orders would be flying out of that kitchen.

SO I AM TELLING YOU... you can save $10,000 for investing a day or two in training yourself.    You will be smarter.  You will make better decisions. And you will lose a phobia that holds many restaurant owners back.   Don't be intimidated by a computer system:  you already know the hard part which is how to run a restaurant.

Save A Lot Just By Completing A Couple Of Steps
  • Running your own cables will save, on average, $200+ per station.
  • Buying your own equipment from a reputable computer manufacturer (like Dell, HP or Compaq) will potentially save you the expense of paying excessive reseller markups.
  • Always put a battery backup on every machine... it'll save you a ton of money over the life of the equipment.
  • Learn to back up your own data.   This can easily save you a $2,000 repair bill three years down the road.