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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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Our Philosophy...
"The customer is our most valued asset.   Without the customer we will cease to exist.   Whatever it takes, we must please the customer."


"A product that works and is priced fairly will be the basis for success."


"The computer industry is filled with gimmicks and partial truths.   If we prove to our customers that we are genuine, they will reward us with their business."


"Less expensive should not correlate to lower quality."


"It feels good to help people."

Our Promises To Our Customers...
If you ask a question, we will answer truthfully.

If you are not happy, tell us so that we can make the situation better.

Small business is the heartbeat of America.  We respect business owners and we will do everything in our power to earn your respect.

We will always return your call promptly.