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A nice website can help fill your place with guests and more orders!


Website Development & Online Ordering

Why Have A Website?

Many people don't use the Yellow Pages anymore.   They look for a restaurant (and its menu) online using Google or one of the many other search engines.   If you do not have a website, it can cause lost business.   More importantly however, it affects your restaurant's image.

What Else Can I Do With A Website?

Link with local bands, facebooks and social networking sites.  Allow customers to place orders using their web browser.  Promote your menu.  Make daily announcements.   Virtual tours show your restaurant's look & feel to perspective diners.   Sell gift certificates or gift cards.

Any business that isn't on the web is missing the wave of the future.

Complete Restaurant Website Packages

If you would like Positive Feedback Software to build your business a beautiful website that attractively and professionally features your menu and guest accommodations, please call us at 540 243-0300. 

Here are some popular packages:

Basic 5 Page Website With Digital Photos $495.00

This is a great way to start your journey onto the internet.   You'll have the ability to do email, transfer files and your customers will see relevant slickly produced web pages that entice them into visiting more often.


Intermediate 5 Page Website w/ Animation & Sound  $795.00

Building on the foundation of the BASIC package listed above, we add sound and animation to make your website even more interesting and unique.  Perfect for clubs and bars that want to feature their regular bands and create a "night life" feel.


Advanced 5 Page Website With Online Ordering  $1495.00

If you want to begin taking orders from customers over the web, this is the package for you.   Top line production values combined with E-Hungry's powerful online ordering solution will increase sales and product awareness.


Search Engine Submission  - $295.00

Before your website can help you, people have to find it!

We use every trick in the book to promote your website.   Our services will get you to a top 20 search result faster and better or we will refund your money.   Todd has friends (fellow nerds?) at many top search engines and he's up to date on what really works!


* Hosting fees are included in all of our packages for a period of 12 months.  Thereafter, fees are generally $5 to $10 per month.