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Nice Ways To Make The World A Better Place
Here are some easy ways you can make the world a better place. 
  • When you see a gum-ball machine, put a quarter in it... so that the next kid who comes by will get a "surprise" treat.
  • Take an hour of your time and donate it to a worthy cause.
  • Listen more and talk less.
  • Call your Mom on the phone!  Mom's are important.
  • Recycle cans and bottles.
  • Give blood at your local Red Cross.
  • The next time you drive, let someone in ahead of you
  • Call an old friend
  • Contact your local school system and ask to be a lunch buddy
  • Or be a Big Brother or Big Sister to a young person
  • Help teach adults to read by joining Literacy Volunteers of America
  • Call your local hospital and ask if someone in recovery needs a meal or transportation.
  • Support Public Radio - if every broadcast is paid with commercial dollars, then we'll only hear what the big corporations want us to hear.
  • Don't be a Republican or a Democrat... be an Independent and talk with your friends about your positions on issues.   Be sure to listen (and not just speak).
  • Participate in Time Banks USA ( http://www.timebanks.org/ )

Well, you get the idea... do something nice and it will come back to you ten fold.  

It's true!