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Restaurant Genres Discussed

FreePOS In A Table Service Bar/Grill Environment...

A bar & grill style restaurant has many unique operational characteristics that many POS software packages deal with differently.   This style of restaurant will make heavy use of the POS's table management functions.  When tables are occupied in FreePOS, they change to the color RED.  When they are ready for a party, they turn BLUE.   In version 2, a new color code of GREEN was added - which indicates the party has left the table and is paying at the cashier's.  A quick glance at the screen allows your host to quickly assess the tables ready for a party.

The bar of this style restaurant must be able to enter orders quickly.  Using the bar mode of FreePOS, this is easily accomplished.   Expect a typical bar order to take less than 20 seconds to enter.

The bar is also a preparation center.  FreePOS can be configured to print bar prep tickets at the bar printer when the order was entered from a "non bar" terminal - this saves tons of paper!

A busy kitchen will probably have prep stations for appetizers, entrees, sandwiches and desserts.   FreePOS can handle hundreds of printers... so you'll never bottleneck.

Curbside carryout is no problem at all... our carryout module (included) is excellent for this type of service.   It also can work for drive-in eateries (1950's style restaurants).

Usually, this type of restaurant has wait staff purse their own tables.  FreePOS makes this type of accounting simple.  At any time, the manager may run a "tron" report for a particular waiter.  The "tron" report shows all the details and even calculates net owing.   Managers will love FreePOS because even coupons and gift certificates are automatically accounted for.



The bar/grill restaurant is an exciting theme and while it requires a great deal of setup and configuration before going live, FreePOS can definitely handle it.   Expect to spend a week getting floor plans, menus, happy hours and user security fine tuned.