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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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A point of sale system is only as good as the equipment it runs on.  You don't have to spend a lot of money to get reliable equipment.


Recommended Equipment
Positive Feedback Software recommends the following equipment because it is:  inexpensive, well built, modular and durable. 
  • Dell Computers  (www.dell.com/tv)
  • Epson or NanOptix Printers (www.nanoptix.com)
  • DKD Compatible Cash Drawer
  • Category 5, 5e or 6 Ethernet cabling
  • Windows XP (Home or Professional)
  • Windows Vista (But you'll have to apply patches to make Vista run well)

FreePOS works with almost any modern computer setup.  If you need help using different equipment, feel free to call/email.


FreePOS Compatible Equipment (Short List)

If you want no trouble & no hassles (okay, just a few hassles!) then we recommend that you purchase these products for best compatibility with FreePOS:

  • Touch Screen
    • ELO
    • 3M MicroTouch
  • Computer System
    • Dell Vostro & Optiplex
    • Windows XP
    • 2Ghz & 512MB RAM runs real nice
    • 1.8Ghz & 256MB RAM is a minimum
  • Printer
    • Impact:  Epson TMU-220
    • Thermal:  NanOptix SPC (1st choice)
    • Thermal:  Epson TM88 (2nd choice)
    • STAY AWAY from USB printers - they come unplugged because there are no clips to hold the cable in place.  Plus, USB is more trouble due to Plug n Play. 
  • Scale
    • ACOM Serial
    • NCI or compatible
  • Biometric Scanner
    • Microsoft Finger Print Reader
  • Age Verification (stand alone portable)
    • Viage CAV-3200 by CardCOM
  • Guest Pagers
    • LRS
  • Cash Drawers
    • MMF
    • POSX
    • APG
    • Logic Controls
  • Pole Display
    • Epson or Epson compatible ONLY
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
    • Please purchase from us - not because you can't get them other places, but because our mag readers always work without having to program those pesky sentinel strings. 
  • Cabling
    • If you are a wizard, you can make your own.   If you are a normal person, purchase PREFABRICATED CAT/5 or CAT/5E ethernet cables and run them yourself.   They are commonly available in a variety of lengths.  And because the connector will be molded on, it will never pull loose like crimped cable ends do.
  • Hubs / Switches / Routers
    • Linksys / Cisco - all supported
    • D-LINK - all supported
  • Cameras
    • Any VFW compatible camera will be lovely
  • Windows XP or Vista Home Basic
    • Home: 3 POS stations or less
    • Professional: 4-9 stations
    • Server:  over 9 stations


Need Some Help?  Ask Todd.

Before purchasing your hardware, send Todd the quotes you're considering.   Todd will help you determine which is the best deal.   Call Todd at (540) 243-0300 for a helping hand.   Even if you do not purchase a system from Positive Feedback Software, you'll get a truthful and honest opinion.


Common Equipment Buying Errors

(1) Kitchen Printers

  • The kitchen is a HOT place.   If you put thermal printers in the kitchen, the paper will turn black when it gets hot.   Use thermal printers in salad, dessert and bar areas.   Use dot matrix impact printers anywhere there is heat.

(2) Computer Systems

  • Using clone computers can be the BEST experience or the WORST.   If you are a computer guru, you can make a clone faster, cheaper and more reliable than a brand name computer.   If you are a "regular person", get a brand name machine.
  • Using All-In-One computers is a super idea if space is an issue.   If not, use a component style computer system.

(3) Touch Screens

  • LCD screens tend to have a high failure rate because:
    • Back lights burn out
    • Power inverter boards often fail
    • Pixels get stuck ON or OFF
    • They are fragile
  • CRT screens tend to be big and bulky.  But they last much longer than LCD screens.
  • Touch screen add-on kits are great at repair time.  Just swap out a regular monitor and re-attach the touch glass.

(4) Software

  • Be careful of software companies that require you to use their credit card processor.
  • Be careful of software companies that require you to be on a service agreement to get support.
  • Be careful of software companies that require you to upgrade your equipment/software on their schedule.
  • Some companies LEASE you their software... they don't sell it to you.   This means they can charge you a transfer fee when you change the name of your restaurant or sell it.

(5) Pole Displays

  • When a pole display is connected to a printer, you'll notice that the display doesn't update when a receipt is printing.  Always connect pole displays directly to the computer.

(6) Cabling

  • Have your cabling installed professionally to EIA-568B standards.  Use Category 5 or better cable. 
  • Check with your local building codes and determine if PLENUM cable should be used.   It most cases it should be.
  • Never mix 568B and 568A patch cords.
  • Never run cables near: 
    • Power lines
    • Fluorescent lights
    • Ceiling speakers
    • Water / Wet areas
  • If possible, avoid installing a patch bay.   It's just an extra place for cables to come loose.   Wall jacks are often required, but they are another place for failures.
  • Keep cables as SHORT as possible.

(7) Windows XP Home or Professional

  • If you have fewer than 4 POS stations, use HOME
  • If you have between 4 and 9 stations use PRO
  • If you have more than 9 stations, you need a SERVER level product.
NanOptix Spill Proof Thermal Printers
Receipt Printers That Work

If you want the best printer on the market, we strongly endorse and recommend the NanOptix Autocut SPC Printer.   This machine is water proof, 2-3 times faster than the Epson TM88 and is extremely reliable.   Check them out at www.nanoptix.com   FreePOS also supports:  Star, Citizen, Ithaca, Epson and most other leading brands. 

  This printer is incredibly fast & spill proof!