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Unless your restaurant is very small, you'll benefit from a computer system.


Long Term & Short Term Computerization Costs

Cash Registers Work Too

A cash register is the right solution for a very small restaurant.   Some restaurants are so small that a computer system will never pay for itself.

But for everyone else, a computer system will save you money as long as you keep a reasonable budget in mind.   You need to weigh the costs of the system versus the savings.  And please keep in mind that you are not done paying for the system when your initial check clears.   You'll probably spend another $20-$50 per month for as long as you own it for routine things like service & support.   

So how do you know if a computer system is right for you?   Complete this calculation:


For example:  If you are doing $500,000 per year, do not spend more than $12,500 on your POS system.    If you adhere to this formula, you should break even in 9-15 months on average.  

The average life of a computer system is approximately 48 months... after this amount of time, the service costs & repair interruptions will mandate replacing the POS system.  The following chart illustrates the life cycle of a POS system:



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