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Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) are used to display orders on a screen.   They are particularly useful in fast food restaurants.

KDS's come in HARDWARE or SOFTWARE editions.

FreePOS supports the MicroPlus KDS hardware.

NEW!  09/14/2007

FreePOS now supports interactive kitchen video.  Learn more.

FreePOS (registered edition) comes with a software (touch screen) based KDS.


Kitchen Display Systems

What Does A Kitchen Display Do?

Kitchen Video Monitors (KVMs) are connected to a Kitchen Display System (KDS) controller.   The controller talks to FreePOS and displays orders on the screen(s).  Typically, the KDS controllers are installed to reduce paper usage in the kitchen and to better organize prep chits.

FreePOS, when registered, comes with a free touch screen based KDS application that can run on any Windows 98 or better computer.

After an order is displayed, it may be printed or bumped.  Bumping is the process of deleting the order from the screen's work area.

For more advanced functionality, FreePOS has drivers to feed the MicroPlus MPad and MPad+ KDS controllers.   These powerful KDS controllers are bump bar based and offer industrial spill proof hardware.

Click here to learn more about the MicroPlus KDS family of products.

Costs & Budget Considerations

Positive Feedback Software offers the following KDS solutions:


  • MPad+ Bundle

    • 5" Micro-Controller

    • All Cables
    • Membrane Key Style Detachable Bump Bar
    • Power supply
    • Mounting Brackets
    • CAT/5 connectors
    • 17" LCD VESA compatible Display
    • Optional VESA mounting harness (add $199)
    • Gateway software
    • MSRP:  $1,495.00  (call for our best price)


  • Touch Screen Driven KDS
    • Just register your FreePOS Software and our KDS2 software will be included at no additional cost.


  • Interactive KDS         NEW!
    • Same hardware as above but server driven (requires a back office file server to operate reliably).  
    • Much more powerful than a MicroPlus KDS solution but sometimes more expensive to implement because it is server based.
    • High resolution graphics & advanced order highlighting are possible.
    • Connects via ethernet (each screen gets an IP address)