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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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Interactive kitchen displays communicate with each other and keep your kitchen staff more organized.


Interactive Kitchen Display Systems

What Does "Interactive KDS" Mean?

Imagine a kitchen where each section is working with an expediter.   The expediter can see everything on screen that the sections are doing in real-time.   When an item is prepped, it gets bumped and that item lights up on the expo's screen.   Also, when an order is assembled by the expo, each section of the order is tracked and timed separately.

Below are some screenshots of FreePOS orders running on ROD/KDS - as items are completed at various prep centers, they instantly light up!   The expo can even see section names and routing information.

The interactive KDS also builds production graphs & reports as shown below:

And outdoor signage can be placed in drive thru environments (with or without order verification screens)


Costs & Budget Considerations

Positive Feedback Software offers the following KDS solutions:


  • MPad+ Bundle

    • 5" Micro-Controller

    • All Cables
    • Membrane Key Style Detachable Bump Bar
    • Power supply
    • Mounting Brackets
    • CAT/5 connectors
    • 17" LCD VESA compatible Display
    • Optional VESA mounting harness (add $199)
    • Gateway software
    • MSRP:  $1,495.00  (call for our best price)


  • Touch Screen Driven KDS
    • Just register your FreePOS Software and our KDS2 software will be included at no additional cost.


  • Interactive KDS
    • Same hardware as above but server driven (requires a back office file server to operate reliably).  
    • Much more powerful than a MicroPlus KDS solution but sometimes more expensive to implement because it is server based.
    • High resolution graphics & advanced order highlighting are possible.
    • Connects via ethernet (each screen gets an IP address)