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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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This is not an "easy money" job.  It's hard work that pays extremely well.

FreePOS sells better than any other POS software... especially in weaker economies.
We will train you - just attend one of our no cost classes.


Career Page - General Information
FreePOS Is Looking For Techs & Systems Integrators


Are you interested in supporting restaurants using FreePOS in your area?  If so, consider signing up for one of our FreePOS Integrator Training Class.

If you would like the opportunity to earn $100,000+ per year, FreePOS may be the way you can do it.  


But How Do You Make Money Selling A FREE Product ?

That is a good question.   Many business owners simply do not want to learn how computers work. Or they want someone to "get the project going"... that is where you come in.   As a systems integrator you can sell hardware, installation services, menu programming, cabling, training and act as a liason between Positive Feedback Software and the end user.  Many restaurants are big enough to need computer help... but not big enough to warrant a full time IT person.   Fill in the gaps for them and make a great living in the process.   If you install one POS system every month, you can easily earn $50,000+ per year.    Obviously, by employing a small staff, the profit potential is even greater.

Not a computer guru?   Considering becoming a referral partner!

Even though it is a big help to be fluent with computer software, if you know that a restaurant is shopping for a new POS system, just send us the lead after completing our referral partner agreement.  You can earn hundreds of dollars on each successful sale!    Learn more by clicking here.

Let Us Help You!    Be The President Of Your Own Company!

Positive Feedback Software will help you build your business using a hands on approach.   You supply the time and commitment.  We'll help you get loaded up with work, usually in less than 3 months.   Then we'll help make you successful for years to come by:

  • Providing sales leads in your area
  • Training you in the art of sales... And if you request an onsite business consultant, we'll close your first deal for you.
  • Training you on FreePOS technical issues.
  • Mass emailing all restaurants in your demographic.
  • Building a professional website for you.
  • Providing telephone support.
  • Putting you in touch with financing solutions.
  • Helping you with print materials.
  • Putting you in touch with preferred equipment dealers.
  • Letting you attend trade shows we participate in.

If you are willing to work and satisfy the customer, we'll keep you as busy as you can stand.   Maybe busier!   

On the other hand:  If you do not like hard work and earning lots of money, then this opportunity is NOT for you.   You must be motivated, smart, ready to work and extremely results driven. 

Just Some Of The Benefits We Offer Techs & Systems Integrators:

  • Thorough training.
  • Revenue sharing.
  • Free telephone support.
  • Free e-mail / ftp support.
  • Free trade show invitations.
  • Local leads.
  • Cooperative advertising incentives.
  • Free brochures, business cards and product marketing information.
  • You can even train on an actual installation (schedule dependent).



In order to become a FreePOS system's integrator, you must complete an extensive training program which is implemented using remote access software.   After completing the training phase of the program, an exam is administered.  All system's integrators must complete our 5 day training program.  Click here to learn more.


Are You Ready To Make $100K Per Year?

The profile of a successful business owner is someone who enjoys the technology field and is prepared to invest a lot of their own time & energy into building a profitable business.  All system's integrators must complete our 5 day training program.  Click here to learn more.

A strong work ethic and a high degree of commitment to customer satisfaction is a common trait between all successful system's integrators. Customers expect speedy and professional service… and you can make a lot of money providing it locally.


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