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Going Green is a great way to manufacture good will. 


It doesn't cost much to do some "green things" and the costs are returned three-fold when properly advertised.



Let's Go Green... And Make Some Green!

It turns out that there is a close relationship between environmentally green businesses and financially green businesses... in fact, when you combine the immediate good will generated inside your customer base with Uncle Sam's tax breaks it is easy to justify a green restaurant.

"Going green" can be as simple as using Energy Star appliances in the kitchen or as complex as installing advanced solar powered systems.   The most important part of being green is letting everyone know that your business is trying to make the world a better place.

Here are some great ideas that are inexpensive to implement and give your business "green bragging rights" (perfect for a local media press release).

  1. Change over to recycled TO GO containers

  2. Install Energy Star appliances in the kitchen

  3. Install energy efficient light bulbs throughout your restaurant

  4. Offer water upon request to guests (this concept also increases income producing beverage sales)

  5. Recycle glass bottles

  6. Install low-flow toilet kits in each commode

  7. Update your entry way with weather tight doors

  8. Put lights & other systems on energy saving timers

  9. Add items to your menu that take less energy to prepare (these dishes tend to be cold:  salads, wraps, etc)

  10. Serve drinks in cans (instead of from the fountain) and recycle the cans. 

Remember, an environmentally friendly business can receive tax breaks, grant money for R&D as well as tons of local publicity.   Get a leg-up on everyone else and start going green today!


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