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Is Todd Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
Todd returned to the local 5th grade for an afternoon.   At first, everything was wonderful as the whole class welcomed him to the school.   Cheers were heard as he entered the classroom.  [Editor's noteHmmm, perhaps a single cheer or maybe a burp from the back of the class room.]

First up was this super smart Mother/Daughter duo that got every question right.   WOW!

This act was a tough one to follow, but Todd tried his best.    [Editor's noteTodd knew that Europe was a continent... yahoo!].    Then the struggle began as Todd had to take on questions like...


Todd began to crack under pressure.   "Okay, we live on the planet Earth", reasoned Todd in a particularly delusional moment.   [Editor's noteYes Todd, the Earth is layered in Europe too.]

We think this look says it all.  It was the end of the day when Todd finally had to admit:



Todd's Try Out On Hell's Kitchen Was An Equal Success!??!

Pictures From Todd's Casting Call

Todd was in Atlanta, GA for the Hell's Kitchen casting call & SUPER BIG thanks to all who voted for him!   You guys rock!

The Flying Biscuit is a wonderful & eclectic restaurant with traditional Southern flare.   Todd had to wait about 3 hours in the cold (boo! hoo!) before they interviewed him.   But there were hundreds of people waiting who didn't get a chance to meet the casting director.    While waiting, Todd talked with Dewberry from Season #1 - what a nice guy!

So what did the show's producers ask?   Here's the interview transcript:

1.  What would you make for Chef Gordon Ramsey as your signature dish?

    I'm a character, so I'd probably make him a PB&J sandwich.  If he didn't like it, I'd offer crunchy peanut butter!?!?  Crusts cut off of course.

2.  What would you do if Chef got up in your face & screamed at you?

    Well, if I had screwed up, probably take it.   But if I hadn't done anything wrong, I'd dish it back.  

2b.  What would you say back to him?

     I'd tell him Emeril could kick his ass... or maybe even tell him his Veal Frances tastes like hamburger helper.   Yeah, I'd dish it back!

3.  Would you talk behind another contestant's back?

    No, but I might get even by writing "KICK ME" on their chef's uniform.

4.  Who is your favorite contestant?

    Virginia.   After all, that's the state I live in!

5.  What is your job?

     I am an out of work Britney Spears body double.

5b.   Seriously??

     Note: I said out of work.   Actually, I write software for restaurants.

6.  How much cooking experience do you have?

     I've got tons of experience.   Did you know that a properly calibrated smoke detector can tell you when the garlic bread is done?

7.  Why do you want to be on the show?

     Because it's a great show.   I live my life to the fullest.   Meeting GR would be too cool for school!

So Now What?

We'll just have to wait & see if the producers come to their senses.   Todd said that if he can't get onto Hell's Kitchen, he's going to dress up in a scuba suit and try out for Survivor.  That's something no one needs to see!

NEW: Alternate List... What?

Todd did not make the final call.   He is on an alternate list.   Maybe next season!   In the mean time, Todd has added that Scuba suit to his Christmas wish list.  -12/16/2006


You Know You Want It!

Hell's Kitchen is a great show... and we all love to hate Chef Gordon Ramsay.   Now is your chance to get TODD NORVELL (the guy who created FreePOS) on TV !  

To help Todd get on TV, send an email requesting it to:


The goal is to get 2,000 emails into FOX-TV by the end of September! 


Simon, Can Todd Have Your Vote?



What Will You See If Todd Gets On

 The Show?

Imagine the fun as our beloved pal Todd...

  • Is called a "dumb donkey" by Chef Ramsay on National TV
  • Has to play nice with the other cooks (Note:  Todd is a complete wanna-be in the kitchen - trust us, it'll be funny!)
  • Has to determine the difference between cheez-wiz & fondue
  • Learns the finer points of kitchen politics
  • Faces elimination each week!

YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN - just send an email.   Do it now!