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Product Summary

Restaurants - Expand local business catering with direct mail or fax.

Hotels - Build corporate liason programs with area businesses.

Catering - Get more business with smart direct mail & fax.

Food Reps - Get directly to the buyer over the telephone using our screened contacts.

Advertising - Make your money count by running queries that are highly selective. 

Consultants - Get to the decision maker with less time on the phone.

Promotions - Fax your menu to every business in town.



Buy it once... use it forever!



FreeSALE  Database
FreeSALE is an extensive MS Access Database that allows you to query hundreds of thousands of business contacts... with complete details like:  Fax#, Telephone Number, Website, Industry (SIC) Code and more.

Using your existing investment in Microsoft Access, simply load our huge database - and run mailing lists by state, zip code, SIC or any parameters you wish.    Imagine never paying $700+ for a targeted mailing list again.   Plus you only pay for our database one time - it is yours to use as many times as you wish.   And our database isn't seeded with "we're watching you" addresses.   All of our records are "seed free".

What can you do with FreeSALE?  Look at these examples:

  • Get a list of every business within 100 miles
  • Get a list of every business that has over 25 employees
  • Get a list of every business with a public trading symbol
  • Get a list of every business in the USA that has seen growth last year
  • Get a list of every business fax number in your area code
  • Print a list of every business near you and include:  Name & Telephone#
  • Much Much More - query the data anyway you wish using Access


What Are The Advantages Of FreeSALE?

(1)  Owning your own lists has a huge advantage over renting.   First of all, you get to query the data any way you wish... and you don't have to pay extra to use the list for several purposes.

(2)  Owning your data also allows you to gain valuable insight into new markets.   You don't need to guess which markets are hot... simply run a growth report on the businesses in any new market you are moving into.

(3)  Save on mailing costs by pre-sorting your mail lists by ZIP+4 - this can reduce the costs of direct mail by as much as five cents per parcel.   That adds up quick!

(4)  Give your sales department access to information... before they do a presentation.   Close more deals!

ANY business that is involved in direct marketing needs FreeSALE.


Why Is The Product Called FreeSALE

If I Have To Pay $395?

Most mailing lists are sold "per use" - which means you rent the list for each use... and the lists are seeded with tracking addresses which give the list owners billing information.    Our list is a "pay once" list - which means you may use it as many times as you wish.   It's called FreeSALE because after you purchase the list, you may use it FREE as many times as you wish

What Are The System Requirements?

You must have Microsoft Access to use this database.   If you do not own Access, we can convert the list to Comma Separated Value (CSV) format for just $100 additional.   This format is "universal" and will work with all commercial grade databases... even those databases running on Apple and Linux.   You should not try to load this database on a "small" machine - get a recent model computer with lots of RAM for best performance.   If you are not familiar with your database, you may need a consultant to help you "query" the data.  "Query" is a fancy word that means, "Get the records you want and skip the records you don't want."   If you are selling Restaurant Supplies, there is no point in marketing your services to Aeronautical Manufacturers... right?   Using the correct Query will make sure you are selling to the people/companies most likely to purchase your products.