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FlexLEASE Summary


FlexLEASE only shows on your credit report if you are in default.

Get credit quickly
Buy out options are available once per year.
Low down payment


FlexLEASE™ Adjustable Term Equipment Lease

What Is A FlexLEASE?

Positive Feedback Software LLC has developed a powerful new financial solution for its customers:  FlexLEASE.

With FlexLEASE, you have the option once a year to buy your system instead of making further payments.   This allows you to get through your first year (when your liquid capital is tightest) and later purchase your system - thus saving thousands of dollars in financing fees.

On a regular equipment lease, you must make all scheduled payments.   As an example, take a 4 year $200 per month lease.   You will pay back $200 x 48 = $9600.

With FlexLEASE, you would get 3 buyout options:  at 12 months, at 24 months and at 36 months.   If you exercise any of these options, you would pay substantially less than the value of the remaining payments.

Getting Started
The best way to get started with FlexLEASE is to send in a credit application.

Fill it out completely and then fax it to (540) 334-5777.

If you prefer, you may email it instead.

Approval may take up to ten calendar days, but usually it's much faster.

After we get your credit application approved, we'll call you with a monthly payment schedule.

FlexLEASE is privately funded by Positive Feedback Software and is only available for the purchase of our products & services. 

FlexLEASE does not affect your credit report unless you default... so it will not affect your available credit with any other company.