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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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100% Touch Screen Driven Operation

Powerful feature set
Easy to use
Ultra reliable operation

FreePOS is the lowest cost hospitality POS software in the world which is PABP validated by Visa USA.  Visit:


FreePOS V6.95 has also been PA-DSS validated through October of 2013.  Read more here.


FreePOS Features & Product Data
Recommended Peripherals:  Epson TM88, NanOptix SPC, ELO Touch Screen or compatible, MMF or compatible cash drawers, Microsoft Fingerprint Reader, 2 Track PosiMag Reader



FreePOS Gives You A Lot Of Value...

That's Why FreePOS Is The

#1 Restaurant POS System

In The USA & Canadian Freeware Marketplace!


FreePOS Station Modes Supported

  • Cashier Station
  • Delivery Mode
  • Loyalty Points Module
  • Employee Scheduling Module
  • Carryout/Pickup Mode
  • Table Seating Manager Mode
  • Bar Tabs Mode
  • Fast Bar Mode
  • Quick Service (Counter) Mode
  • Reservation & Walk-In Mode
  • Hostess Station
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Gift Card System
  • Curbside Pickup Integration
  • CCTV Monitor
  • Hotel Property Management Interface
  • VIP Accounts Module
  • Self Service Kiosk Mode
  • Drive Thru Mode


General FreePOS Features

  • Easy to use touch screen operation
    • BENEFIT:  Low training time (15 minutes average)
  • Inexpensive - the name says it all!
    • BENEFIT:  Have a couple bucks left over and upgrade the kitchen with a new grill and deep fryer.
  • Powerful Back Office Reporting
    • BENEFIT:  Sales, Labor & Product Depletion are no longer a mystery!
  • Attach customer notes to a telephone number
    • BENEFIT: Don't deliver to someone who bounced a check.
  • Timed orders
    • BENEFIT:  Improve customer service & table turning rates.
  • Dine In
    • BENEFIT:  We don't charge for a table service module.
  • Take Out
    • BENEFIT:  Yes, this module is included at no extra charge.
  • Delivery Mode
    • BENEFIT:  No extra charge for a delivery module either.
  • Integrated Gift Card, Loyalty & VIP Modules
    • BENEFIT:  Reward your best customers & keep a line at the door.
  • Server bank tracking
    • BENEFIT:  Never add up checks by hand again.
  • Every check is color coded onscreen
    • BENEFIT:  Many POS systems "ghost" a check.  With FreePOS, every check is color coded on screen.  Checks are never hidden in a list that's buried under endless popup menus.
  • Delivery Address Lookup
    • BENEFIT:  Less time on the telephone.  Faster order entry.
  • Sales contests
    • BENEFIT:  Reward your top selling servers.
  • Print customer receipts
    • BENEFIT:  Automatic or manual receipts - your choice!
  • Modify orders anytime
    • BENEFIT:  End the hassles with other POS systems.
  • Unlimited kitchen monitors
  • Unlimited kitchen printers
    • BENEFIT:  Never worry about adding a printer or paying an additional license fee when you grow.  It's included!
  • Bar tabs
    • BENEFIT:  Bars love our software.  It is super easy to use.
  • Chain printers to monitors or vice versa
    • BENEFIT:  Never lose a kitchen chit again.
  • Add special notes to the kitchen cooks
    • BENEFIT:  Reduce returns to the kitchen by allowing effective communication between the Front Of House and Back Of House.   Less wasted food.
  • Hold items and fire to the kitchen later
    • BENEFIT:  Order timing is "customer centric".
  • Automatic re-routing around failed printers
    • BENEFIT:  FreePOS won't crash when a printer runs out of paper or falls into a pickle barrel.  Oops!
  • Packing printer support
    • BENEFIT:  No extra cost for a "delivery spooler".   It's free.
  • Curbside Pickup Orders
    • BENEFIT:  No extra cost here either.
  • Employee access by cards
    • BENEFIT:  Improve security and access to cash drawers.
  • Laser printer support
  • Edit Your Menus With Open Office (FREE!)
  • Microsoft Office Excel support
    • BENEFIT:  Your accountant will like these features at year end and tax time.
  • Customer Pole Display
    • BENEFIT: Works with any Epson compatible pole display.
  • Drive Thru operation
    • BENEFIT:  No extra charge for a drive thru module.
  • Transfer to table, bar or carryout
  • Transfer to a new server
    • BENEFIT:  Just 3 touches to do any transfer.
  • Repeat round
    • BENEFIT:  Reduce order entry time.
  • Fast Bar Key
    • BENEFIT:  Press one button and start entering an order.  Then auto-close it to any of 6 payment methods.
  • CCTV System
    • BENEFIT:  Reduce theft and see your cameras from any POS terminal... not just a single screen in the back office.   Save on wiring costs, splitters and separate service agreements.  Use low-cost webcams instead of expensive  hybrid cameras.
  • Integrated credit card processing
    • BENEFIT:  Choose your own card processor and never pay an extra cent to your POS company.  Why get locked in?
  • Single site gift card system integrated
    • BENEFIT:  Never pay transaction fees or return change from a gift certificate again.  Keep all of your money!
  • Split checks 48 ways
    • BENEFIT:  That's a lot of people, but FreePOS can handle it.
  • Multiple tickets per order
    • BENEFIT:  Even complex orders can be routed quickly.
  • Combination payment methods
    • BENEFIT:  Single screen for payment makes this easy.
  • Pizza mode
    • BENEFIT:  Easily build complex pizza orders with up to 120 meat, 120 vegetable & 120 special toppings.   Price by the quarter, third, half and/or whole pie.
  • Open gratuities
    • BENEFIT:  Track tips ONLY if you want to.
  • Portion an item
    • BENEFIT:  Wine bottles are no longer a hassle to sell.
  • Voids
    • BENEFIT: Fully controlled using FreePOS security.
  • Separate Adult & Kid guest counters
    • BENEFIT:  Determine if "Kid's Night" is really working.
  • Consolidated and/or regular printing
    • BENEFIT: Streamline the kitchen and reduce errors.
  • Discounts by percent or dollar amount
    • BENEFIT:  Fully controlled using FreePOS security.
  • Pay into the cash drawer
  • Pay out of the cash drawer
    • BENEFIT:  There is no reason to go into the back office for petty cash.  Just log payments from the cash drawer.
  • Reservation & walk-in manager
    • BENEFIT:  No extra charge for a hostess station either.
  • Forced modifiers with separate pricing
    • BENEFIT:  Salads auto-prompt for dressing and much more!
  • Order history recording & archiving
    • BENEFIT:  Your data is always available to you.
  • No copy protection
    • BENEFIT:  Backup without worry.  Upgrade a computer without being forced to call support for a "new license code".  We trust you!
  • Delivery tag printing
    • BENEFIT:  Print as many as you need, when you need them.
  • Easily define kids menus
    • BENEFIT:  Kids menus can even change each day!
  • Report for any period of time (hour, day, week, month)

Menu Controls

  • Easily define categories of items
  • Menu item definitions
  • User defined modifiers
  • User defined forced modifiers
  • User defined sub-forced modifiers
  • User defined sub-sub-forced modifiers
  • Pizza/Sub topping list (up to 360 toppings)
  • Canadian & USA sales tax computations
  • Online bar recipes
  • Online menu recipes
  • User defined happy hours
  • Item category timers (by hour & day of week)
  • Delivery lookup by phone number
  • Carryout lookup by phone number

Roll Printer (Front Of House) Reports

  • Sales volume by item
  • Sales volume by class
  • Sales volume by server/tron
  • Daily summary report
  • Open tables report
  • Discounts audit report
  • Voids audit report
  • Server/Tron report (net owing calculations)
  • Check register report
  • Cash in/out report
  • Hourly Sales
  • Tip Reporting
  • Self Service Kiosk Reporting

Labor & Time Clock Functions

  • Clock IN
  • Clock OUT
  • Up to 5 jobs & 10 pay rates per user
  • Hourly Pay
  • Overtime Pay
  • Run a labor report for any time period
  • Report labor by labor-center
  • Report labor by user
  • Don't allow users to work until they clock IN
  • Run end of day with people clocked IN
  • Tip Declarations

Free Bells & Whistles You Wouldn't Normally Expect

  • Print coupons/messages at the bottom of a receipt
  • Customize command buttons easily
  • Multiple level/screen seating charts
  • Picture menus
  • Send sales data to a web server
  • Dual language support in Front Of House & Kitchen
  • Closed Caption TV system viewable at any POS terminal
  • Wireless table-side ordering using tablet PCs
  • Integrated table bussing
  • Programmable daily specials
  • Extensive credit card processing options.
  • Programmable announcements
  • Export Data To Microsoft Office
  • Scratch Pad ordering for Table PCs
  • Variable Coupon Generation
  • Wireless Paging
  • Self Service Kiosk (customer enters their own order!)

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