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Did You Know That FreePOS Is Now

By Visa?



"Just wanted to let you know that the POS system has been working great!  We have been using it since mid-August and it has really streamlined our operations."   - City Of Lavergne Texas


"We were paying $20,000 per store before FreePOS!" - MD




"Sleek new terminals and powerful FreePOS software replaced another leading POS system just months after it was first installed."



"Overall, things are going well!  We've been using the system since Tues and been doing well.  The servers love it!  Thank you!"

- Sunrise Restaurant MN





"It's been a pleasure coming to understand the working of your system so far - thanks for putting such a good product out there!"

'We finally had our first day with paying customers. The system worked great, of course a hundred and one things came up I didn’t think of but over all I’m very happy!"



Thanks for visiting us at The Trump Taj Mahal For The 2008 Nightclub & Bar Trade Show



Todd at the Las Vegas International Restaurant Show.   We did 103 demos in 15 hours on the floor.   WOW!    The MONSTER ENERGY DRINK girls didn't need a POS system... but we didn't really care.


"I love your software! I just did a version upgrade and talk about seamless." - Diversitech Inc


"We have saved more than $14,000 by using FreePOS instead of other popular and more expensive POS's. [Positive Feedback Software] has been absolutely incredible in answering our questions quickly and with results in a real world environment resulting in ZERO downtime!" - Owner, Savannah, GA



This T150 mean machine has been installed and working hard for 2+ years!   -NC



FreePOS can support up to 16 networked displays.   Here, the crew is cooking on their 5 screen kitchen video system.



"The POS is working good." Owner, La Galleria


FreePOS is perfect for sports bars & nightclubs.



"We love our POS... can we be on your testimonials page?"  Kristas, ME


See us at next year's Las Vegas International Restaurant Show!




"Our BBQ place was using [another POS] so we upgraded to FreePOS.   It is so much easier to use!" -FL



"Todd, the bottom line is that you saved me over $15,000 and you kept my business

running. My new system is so totally awesome I can't imagine how we made it without [FreePOS]. The ease of making simple changes like changing prices or adding or removing a menu item is so much nicer than my old system." - K. Stabler, WI







"We're planning to install FreePOS in additional stores." - Alan Elder




"FreePOS has been very reliable and cost effective." - Table 50 Restaurant, VA



"Our buffet style restaurants love FreePOS's barcoded guest checks. Payment requires just a single scan!"


"FreePOS runs great." - Reds, Wines & Blues


"We have got the system up and running and enjoying it immensely." - Maison Renouf in the UK



Did You Know?

Hundreds of restaurants use FreePOS everyday!




"Just like the big POS systems... without the cost." - Owner of Vieira's Restaurant (Smith Mountain Lake, VA)




"[FreePOS] saved us a couple thousand dollars."


Another busy bar using FreePOS every day!



"I like it!" - Euphoria, US Virgin Islands.

"Working well." - Euphoria, NM




"Freepos is a strong yet simple program that, if configured properly, should meet the needs of almost any restaurant of any budget." - Williams Experience - MD



"The restaurant launched on Monday and I am pleased to tell you that the FreePOS system has worked very well." - West Palm Beach, FL


"I just wanted to thank you for help getting a few of the bugs during my programming of freepos. Today we went live,  and without a hiccup the system performed perfectly!   We had an average Tuesday with a little over two turns in the dining room and about 25 carry-outs.  The drawer matched dead on and the service ran smoother, and people got charged for what they bought!"  - Bella Ria's Restaurant, PA




"I have told my friends about FreePOS.  Thanks!" - NJ



"FreePOS is easy to use." - Salem, VA



"Things are going along swimmingly." - AZ



FreePOS gets two thumbs-up!





"Printing checks & processing credit cards is simple."



Millers Crossing, Helena, MT





"I would Highly Recommend [FreePOS]" - one of many system owners we've sold to on ebay.



"The system is working good" - UNISAN



"FreePOS has been a very reliable and user friendly POS program. Again, thanks for your very helpful support." -Elsi's Restaurant, TX



Here's an email we got the other day:    A long time ago... I wrote you and you posted this on your site.  You might want to add the blue stuff.  :)

2006  "I have been using your Free POS for 5 mo in [my restaurant].  I love the product and am considering buying it, not that I need more features, just to say thanks!"  - Cafe Roma, Mexico

Fast forward to 2010 "After using FreePOS for the last 4 years and installing it for a few friends here in Puerto Vallarta, I have to say this is the best system and best support I have ever experienced. This year it helped me serve and track over 5100 customers in one month... flawlessly!"  Fox - Cafe Roma



"FreePOS is a powerful system that works great." - Owner, OSS




"I installed FreePOS at my son's new restaurant." - NY


"[FreePOS] runs our busy night club & bar very well."


World Famous Angelina's Crab Cakes, Baltimore MD



"Things are going great -- I am very happy that we went
with FreePOS rather than over paying and getting
fewer features and poor support.

- B. Kelly, Timmy's Village Pub, GA



"I'm very happy I found
you guys!"
- R Taylor, Scoffs UK








Some of our other hundreds of customers:








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