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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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FreePOS In A Fast Food Environment...

Fast Food environments are hard on a computer system.   The workers tend to have weak educations, the equipment is man handled and the food is greasy... which can lead to premature equipment failures.

FreePOS has Kitchen Display software which will allow screens to display orders in the kitchen.  FreePOS also interfaces with hardware KDS systems for powerful bump bar style order prepping.

FreePOS has a quick serve mode which allows rapid fire of orders to the kitchen... perfect for fast food counters.

For the Fast Food restaurant, FreePOS offers many features, however, there are some limitations you should know about.

Limitations You Need To Know About

FreePOS is a cost effective fast food POS system.   It lacks a few high end features that chain-style fast food restaurants may want, however, it has all the basics.  FreePOS is now fully integrated with IPro from FoodSoftware.com thus making ingredient and recipe level inventory very easy & affordable.



FreePOS will save you a lot of money if you run a typical fast food restaurant.  Currently, FreePOS is running in 3 national chains.

Please feel free to call and we'll help anyway possible.