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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the best way to learn FreePOS?
    FreePOS has a huge feature set that rivals packages costing five times its price.  Because it is so complete, the fastest way to learn FreePOS is to sign up for one of our free classes or trade show seminars.   If you prefer to "do it yourself" then you'll find lots of video training, manuals and tutorials on our website too.   You are welcome to call (support fees may apply) or email us FREE OF CHARGE for a speedy response.



  • Is a touch screen required for use of FreePOS?
    No, but we strongly recommend you use one.


  • What hardware should I purchase?
    Well, you can't run FreePOS on a Commodore-64 but just about any modern (4 years old or less) Windows XP or Vista machine will be fine.   See our recommended hardware page for details.


  • Can I use wireless, USB, serial, ethernet or IDN printers? 
    Yes but you must register FreePOS first in order to do so.   The unregistered edition of FreePOS only works with Parallel (LPT) printers.


  • What is the minimum hardware I need for FreePOS?
    We recommend that each POS computer have a minimum 512MB RAM and a Celeron 1.8GHz or higher CPU.


  • Is FreePOS PCI/DSS Compliant?
    Please call us for information about card processing & ongoing PCI compliance.   Due to new regulatory requirements, the payment processing industry has become extremely dynamic.   FreePOS has been certified on PABP as well as PCI PA-DSS, however our certifications may not be applicable to new or extremely obsolete installations.


  • Which operating systems does the POS software support?
    Windows XP, WE/POS, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Windows 8 support requires end user registration).


  • Is a dedicated file server required ?  
    No, but a back office is not expensive and it makes any POS system run more securely.


  • When I enter an order into one POS station will it be accessible from the other POS stations?
    Yes.  When FreePOS is installed, all of the stations share the same data.


  • Can I update the menu or change system settings while the POS is being used?  


  • Does FreePOS interface with any Hotel/Motel Property Management Systems?

    Yes.  You can even determine whether a guest has checked out and disallow charges to their folio.  Due to the complexity and variety of systems, please call for details.           

  • Is there a difference between the unregistered FreePOS software and the registered version?  
    Yes.  The registered edition of FreePOS has every feature turned on whereas the unregistered edition gives you a subset of the full features.   If you set up your system on the unregistered edition, you won't have to redo your menu or any data entry when you register. 


  • Can you provide customer references?  
    Sure... just give us a call. 
      Thousands of people at restaurants across the USA use FreePOS each day!