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POS peripherals accept commands from the computer in the form of ESC codes.


Different ESC codes are used with each brand or model of peripheral.


ESC Codes Can:

  • Make print big
  • Make print small
  • Change mod colors
  • Open the cash drawer
  • Print a logo
  • Trigger the auto cutter
  • Much more!



ESC Codes For Printers & Cash Drawers

Cash Drawer & Cutter Codes

FreePOS will send ESC codes (you specify which ones) to the receipt printer(s) before and after a print job.   Here are the ESC Codes for some popular printers:

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Most printer manufacturers have a website where you can download their ESC Code implementation.   Every printer has different capabilities and therefore slightly different ESC codes.   If your printer is ESC/POS compatible then it will work with EPSON codes.  MICROS branded printers are EPSON compatible.

Popular Codes For Epson & Star Printers
Epson Printers

ESC E (27,69,1 or 0)   Emphasized print ON or OFF

ESC SP n (27,32,n)  Change spacing on RIGHT side (useful w/ IPSpool)

ESC ! n (27,33,n)  Change print style:

n=0  all styles OFF

n=16 double high print

n=32 double width print

n=48 double high & wide print

ESC G (27,74,1 or 0)  Double strike printing (1=ON, 0=OFF)

ESC M (27,77,1 or 0)  Select font (1=larger, 0=smaller)

GS B (29, 66,1 or 0)  Reverse color print (1=reverse, 0=regular)


Star SP Printers

Big print = 14

Regular print = 20

Buzzer = 30

Cut Paper = 27, 100, 49


All Printers - Universal Codes

Extra Line Feed = 10, 13