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The Economy Is Changing The Way Restaurants Do Business!
The economy has been "restaurant owner unfriendly" for over a deacde now, however, we've noticed some interesting statistics that we'd like to share with the readers of this website.
  • The number of daily transactions a typical restaurant processes is virtually unchanged.   However, the average dollar amount per transaction has decreased by 5-10 percent.
  • The costs of food have increased everywhere.
  • Increasing menu item prices seems to be a bad strategy.   The most successful restaurants are cutting back labor or extending business hours, reducing menu variety and slightly adjusting portion sizes. 
  • Credit card processing rates are being pushed lower due to increased competition.   If you haven't gotten a quote from us yet, please do so.   We've saved many of our customers in excess of $100 per month.
  • The availability of credit is impacting restaurant owners hard.  Positive Feedback Software has put together some of the best financing programs in the business.   Please call us if you would like an equipment lease proposal.
  • Gift cards remain an excellent way to increase cash reserves and improve customer return rates.
  • Removal of pre-prepared foods from a menu seems to be a good move.   In particular par-baked bread and pizza crusts are much more expensive than freshly made.    Fresh also tastes better.
  • Seasonal vegetables are getting less expensive in most areas.   Small local growers are eager to sell to restaurants but don't have the advertising budget to move their produce quickly.   A few phone calls to area growers is all it takes to improve quality and reduce food costs.
  • Some restaurants have begun selling inexpensive wines with sweetener added.   Served hot, these wines are commanding a healthy price at desert. 
  • Deep fried foods are tasty but healthier alternatives keep customers returning.    Some of the restaurants we see failing have an "everything is fried" menu.
  • Reworking your menu's pricing structure so that no more than 35% of an items price represents food cost is an excellent idea.   This may mean reducing prices and portion sizes in some cases.
  • Restaurants that allow smoking are doing worse.   Bars that allow smoking are doing better.   Combination properties seem to benefit from a no smoking policy.
  • By using a POS system, it is possible to run staff sales contests.   Restaurants which reward up-selling generate higher value average tickets.