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Ways To Get Your Cat Out Of A Tree:

1.  Put out your cat's favorite food and shout "kitty kitty kitty" until your neighbors think you are crazy.

2.  Get a ladder and let the cat dig its claws into your flesh until you can climb back to ground level.

3.  Get an axe (only recommended for 40+ foot cases).  

4.  Amateurs use baskets, rope, pillows and blankets.  If you find yourself doing this, it's time to google better proven techniques.

5.  Calling the fire department is no longer possible... firemen are not allowed to dispatch equipment to rescue a cat.

6.  If you own a cherry picker (we don't) this may be an option.


The Adventures Of Dolly The Cat

Who Is Dolly?

Dolly is perhaps the most adventuresome cat on the planet Earth.   Todd's wife Lisa adopted her at the local SPCA and she is now a member of our family.

On a regular basis (about every 3 weeks as of late), Dolly gets chased up a tree.   Typically, Dolly climbs to an altitude of 20' or so... which is convenient since we own an 18' ladder.   Recently Dolly decided to go a little higher however:

As you can see, Dolly is way up there.   Her exact altitude was determined using advanced trigonometry and triangulation. But after 2 days of being stuck, we figured it was time to stop calculating and leapt into action... it was getting to be a life or death situation.    Google suggests that when a cat is up this high, the only safe solution is to cut the tree down and control the fall rate with rope.    Meet Excalibur:

After about 30 minutes of Lumber Jacking, the tree fell gently to the ground and out came kitty:

Dolly (shown above) is safe and sound but was very dehydrated.   After this ordeal, Dolly submitted to drinking tap water rather than her preferred Aquafina bottled.    The tree measured 73 feet top to bottom:

A day later, Dolly was back to her normal self... below she is pictured practicing for the 2012 Olympic Diving team: