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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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For $99.95/station you can't beat FreePOS.


Comparing POS Software

The gaps between FreePOS and these leading packages gets smaller and smaller every year.

   Feature FreePOS MICROS Aldelo
Per terminal cost of software $99.95 Dealer Price Varies ($900 On Average) Dealer Price Varies ($600 On Average)
Factory technical support fee $1.00 - $1.50 Phone. FREE email support. $185/Incident VARIES
100% Touch Screen Driven X X X
Employee Time Clock X X X
Dine-In, Bar, Fast Food, Buffet, Drive Thru & Club Modes X X X
Hotel PMS Integration X Extra Fee Extra Fee
Menu Item Buttons Per Screen 30 User Defined User Defined
Forced Modifiers Support X X X
Integrated Credit Card Processing X Extra Fee Extra Fee
User-Defined Seating Areas X X X
User-Defined Menu Categories and Items X X X
User-Defined Modifiers X X X
User-Defined Add-on's and Pizza Toppings X X X
Prep Printers For Printing Food/Beverages NO LIMIT NO LIMIT 16
Transfers - Splits - Item Portioning - Check Divides X X X
Self Service Kiosk Mode X No No
Cash Register Tracking Support X X X
Server Banking Support X X X
House Accounts X Extra Fee X
CCTV System Integrated With POS X Extra Fee X*
Hostess Reservation Support Included X Extra Fee X
FREE Credit Card Processing Server X No No
Ingredient Level Inventory System Requires I-Pro* Extra Fee Extra Fee
Phone Ordering Module (Delivery, Takeout) X Optional Optional
Superimpose receipts over camera recording X X X
Biometric Security X* X* X*
Pizza Builder (Whole, Half, Thirds, Quarters) X X X
Recall Prior Orders (Delivery, Take-Out) X X X
Delivery Driver Assignment & Reporting X X X
Delivery Caller ID Support X Extra Fee Extra Fee
Delivery Mapping X Extra Fee Extra Fee
Dual Cash Drawers For Bar Stations No X X
Bar Recipes On-the-Fly X X X
Quick Service Restaurant Support X X X
POS Weight Scale Support X X X
Kitchen Display System (KDS) X Extra Fee X
Back Office Module X Extra Fee X
Employee Scheduling X Extra Fee X
Requires Proprietary Hardware No Yes No
Free email support X No No
Number Of Installations 500+ 50,000+ 15,000+
Contract Required For Support No Yes Yes
Labor Scheduling X X X
Item Countdowns X X X
Integrates With Microsoft Office X X X
Fee-less Gift Card Capability (Standalone Stores Only) X No No

* Available at additional cost.

The real cost of other software is only clear when you add together the costs of each module.   For example one leading POS system prices their product as follows:

$1,250  POS Software (2 Terminals)

$795  Credit Card Server

$495  Back Office Module

$495  Inventory Module

$495 Delivery Module

$195 Caller ID Server

$3,725.00 TOTAL


$395  Support Contract/Year

$195 Software Upgrades/Year

$590.00 FEES/YEAR

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