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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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FreePOS compares very favorably to most larger and more expensive POS systems on the market.


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FreePOS (Registered)

Price to register or license a station and the monthly fee.


 $99.95/station  + $0.00 per month

Table management with graphic seating chart(s)


Free email support for life.  Free software upgrades for life.   Phone support is just $1/minute during normal business hours and only $1.50/minute after 5P EST or on weekends.


Works with computers that run XP, Vista or Windows 7


User level security settings for over 20 audit points


Copy/Paste directly into QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel and others


Manage deliveries (includes mapping, driver assignments, toggling an order for pickup, delivery ticket generation)


Store and track VIP, Loyalty and House Account information


Run a many reports in realtime so you know your restaurant's performance up to the minute.


Label printing, E-mail address Export & more


Driver, Server, Area and Daily banks


Build pizzas quickly and build sandwiches with up to 240 toppings each.


Quickly change prices on your menu using an Excel spreadsheet interface.


Fully customizable graphics, buttons and picture menus.


Run up to 16 kitchen video monitors and even link them together using ethernet cables.



100% touch screen driven - no keyboard or mouse required


Biometric scanning


Easily split checks by item, portion or guest count.


Automatically split checks by seat number.


Pager, Guest Coaster and Text Message integration.


CCTV system built into the POS


Order menu items with programmable upcharges and suggestions.


Discount (By dollar, percentage or reprice on the fly)


Advanced coupon generation based on keywords.


Integrated with Online Ordering


Integrated catering/document/quote manager


Flexible printing that includes printer maps, expediter station and special kitchen section printers/displays.


Run back office reports any time or any date range



Reprint checks as needed


Integrated with Menuboarding software - display your menu on HDTV's that you already own!


Up to 1000 open bar tabs can be opened at once.


Daily manager that can hold 10 years worth of data.


Handles pay ins/outs as well as cash refunds using a simple two click interface.


Total number of remote kitchen/bar printers supported


16 video / 64 printers

Open description, open price, open quantity, open price & description, open price & quantity as well as open everything menu items.


Print english in the front of house while printing Spanish in the kitchen.


Remind servers when they forget to order a drink for each guest.


Paper saving mode - reduces report length & check printing


Change order color based on the time it has been up on a kitchen monitor.


Quick payment keys for EXACT CHANGE and NEXT ROUND DOLLAR amount.  

Generate coupons with graphic and/or text content



Programmable promo messages on customer checks, statements and receipts


Sales achievement by staff or contest


Track labor by name, job type or job name


Timed product pricing (automatically charge different prices for lunch, dinner or happy hour)


Programmable reminder printing (every 30 minutes remind your staff to clean the bathroom - for example)


Compare your menu to your sales and report on which items failed to sell over a particular date range.


Count kids and adults



Complete support for standalone (PCI Exempt) credit and gift card processing machines.


Speed keys for frequently ordered items


Integrates with Google Maps - you'll never have to buy a map database update for as long as Google is in business.


Warn when a server hasn't checked back with her table(s)


"What you see is what you get" bar mode


Integrates with caller ID - no more guessing who is calling you!


Delivery charges


Print to serial, ethernet, parallel, USB and nearly any other type of printer.   You choose what hardware is best for you.