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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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What Is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a digital cyber currency.  It is essentially like digital cash and has virtually no merchant fees  - unlike credit cards.  


As Bitcoin has become more popular, many restaurants are now accepting it from their patrons.   If you would like to begin accepting Bitcoin, click the link below to get started.   You will receive $10USD if you complete all of the sign up steps.



Yes, BITCOIN Is Accepted Here!

Here's What To Do When Paying With BitCoin

You may send Bitcoin payments to Positive Feedback Software from your favorite wallet (we recommend CoinBase for beginners).   To pay us, simply scan our barcode (displayed below) with your smart phone's Bitcoin App:

You may also copy/paste our BitCoin address into your desktop client:



Please include your email address when you make your payment so that we can send you the registered user download link.  

To compute the amount to pay, simply multiply $99.95USD by the number of FreePOS station(s) you wish to register.   For example, if you intend to register 3 POS stations, the total you should send is:

3 X $99.95 = $299.85 USD

We are happy to accept partial payments made with Bitcoin... just be sure to email us or call so we know what you are doing.

If you need a hand making your payment, feel free to email us with any questions you may have.