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Biometric fingerprint scanners allow for powerful security, however, they have a high failure rate in the field due to oil, liquids and "restaurant gunk" that gets on hands.

Consider using Mag Cards as a lower cost option.


Biometric Scanning FAQ

What Is A Biometric Device?

Biometric scanners read the geometry of your finger print and report that distance ratios between the lines on your skin.  They do not record an image of your fingerprint.

Why Use A Fingerprint Reader?

If you are selling POS equipment, it is definitely a WOW! factor item.   If you are a restaurant owner, there are some advantages to utilizing biometric devices but these advantages tend to be promoted more by salespeople than by end users.   Biometric scanners have a high failure rate in the field (expect average life to be around six months of continuous use).

The benefits of biometric security:

  • No one can clock IN/OUT for someone else

  • Check level security increases

  • Manager codes can't be entered by someone who isn't authorized to do so.

Is Biometric Scanning Free?

No.  You must register FreePOS in order to use biometric scanning.   Also, you must register Graiule's GrIdentity application for use after 90 day trial period.   You must also purchase a fingerprint scanner (we recommend the Microsoft Fingerprint scanner which is available for $59.95 MSRP)


Installing A Fingerprint Scanner

Please call Positive Feedback Software or your reseller for assistance with installation.  The information below is only for people who already have a technical understanding of Windows driver and software installation. 


  • Get all the software together.  You will need:

    • GrIdentity Software (download from this website or Graiule's)

    • FingerCap Driver (if you are using a Microsoft Fingerprint Reader do not install the driver that comes with the reader - use FingerCap instead)
    • Registered edition of FreePOS
  • Install the software in this order:
    • FingerCap Driver First
    • GrIdentity Second
    • FreePOS can be installed at any time before, after or during the installation of the first two items.
  • Register your fingerprint(s) with GrIdentity by right clicking the icon.
  • When registering a fingerprint, enter the user ID of the person in the provided field.   For example, if Amanda is user ID 12345 you would enter 12345 into the GrIdentity data field.
  • Put the SET_CODE of BIO in each station's record that has a fingerprint scanner attached to it.  Do this in POS-CFG / Utilities / Station Setup and scroll to the SET CODE column.

If installing to a network, register all your fingerprints on one machine and then copy the Access database to each workstation.   This can be done with a batch file or manually.   It is also possible to install the Access database on drive S: but only 1 POS station can update the database at a time.  You must mark the Access database with SHARED permission.