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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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Micro-Celebrity Status


As a FreePOS community micro-celebrity, you'll have to hire body guards to control over excited FreePOS users.  Also, we recommend carrying a pen with you at all times... just in case you need to write out a quick autograph.


Donate a button theme today by emailing it to us!


Button Art Contest - Win Micro Celebrity Status!

FreePOS Button Designs Wanted...

Positive Feedback Software is looking for artists!   We'd like to provide the users of FreePOS with more choices of button styles.   For example, if we were to use a base image of:

We might have a SEND button that looks like:

The idea is to "spiff-up" the order entry screen a little.    If you send a  complete set of buttons to support@positive-feedback.net we'll post your contribution on our website and give you credit too!


How Do I Change The Buttons ?

Many users of FreePOS don't realize that they can change the way the order entry mode appears on screen by editing the bitmap images in the \FreePOS\BMP folder.   Use a fancy tool like PhotoShop or a simple program like Windows Paint.  


User Themes Submitted - COOL BLUE


Download Button Theme: Cool Blue


Super Fast Food - Submitted By John Williams

Download Button Theme: Fast Food


"Spanish Quick Serve" - Submitted by Eelco Aartsen, Bolivia

Download Button Theme:  Spanish


"Blank Buttons - Textures"

Download Button Theme:  Textures



Jose Machado - Button Theme Pack

Download Button Pack Now


Chanh Phuong - Bamboo Theme

Download Button Pack Now