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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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FreePOS In A Busy Bar Environment...

 FreePOS has the ability to speed through bar orders using the FAST ORDER key.  By registering FreePOS, you'll be able to enter orders quickly and get the essential reports you need to make your bar manageable.

 Running tabs with FreePOS is easy too.  You can swipe your customer's credit card and then run a tab as long as required - thus protecting the house from bar tab walkouts.

 Keeping track of multiple bar areas is also easy.   Up to 999 bar stools and tables can be tracked by "area" or consolidated into one report.

Quickly Sell A Drink (Shown Below)

Step 1:  Press the FAST ORDER key


Step 2:  Enter the order using the touch screen... in this case, we order a Coke.   After the order is entered, press the PAY button to close out the check.


Step 3:  Customer pays with a $5 bill.

Step 4:  Bar tender gives $3.90 change and the receipt prints automatically if you wish.



 FreePOS can help you run your bar.  You should register FreePOS to get all the features you will likely desire.