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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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Positive Feedback Software is not charging for FreePOS effective Jan 1, 2019.

These license numbers allow up to 20 terminals to be used in addition to a back office server.

The program installers can be downloaded free of charge.

The FreePOS program works on Windows XP, 7, 8.x, and Windows 10.

If you plan to continue to use FreePOS, download the installer files and store them somewhere safe. 

This website will be run on a donation system.   Keep FreePOS email support and program updates alive by donating below:

Donate $5

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All Registered User Downloads Are Listed Below

20 User Master Registration Code With PIN#

To install the registration and PIN codes below, follow these steps:

Go to pos-cfg -> system settings -> dbserver and enter registration info below.


THROTTLE should be set at 200 for Windows Vista, 7, 8, & 10.

THROTTLE should be set at 500 for Windows XP or below.


Go to pos-cfg -> peripherals -> credit card processing and enter PIN#.

PIN#: 24864210915  (select XCharge)


Links to registered user installers:

V6.55U - Main program installer (run me first)

V6.55R - Registered user add-on module (run me second)

V7.20 Update - 2018 update to FreePOS (install this update last)

SuperGuide - The complete manual for all FreePOS systems.

Consider making a donation to keep FreePOS email support & updates available.   Click here.