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Program Installer (08/15/06)

Download Columbusoft's Accounting For Delphi 

Download FreePOS Accounting For Dining BETA 

08/15/2006:   FreePOS Accounting For Dining BETA is a powerful multi-user, multi-currency restaurant accounting system.   This download is to be used in conjunction with the products made by Columbusoft.   You must install their award winning Accounting For Delphi before you install Accounting For Dining.   Accounting For Dining is "an upgrade pack" for Accounting For Delphi that makes the software more suited for a restaurant's use.


You must have a FULLY INSTALLED AND WORKING copy of Accounting For Delphi before you can install Accounting For Dining.   Accounting For Dining "rides on top of" Accounting For Delphi... it is not a standalone product unto itself.


If you would like assistance installing Accounting For Dining, you may call Positive Feedback Software at:

(540) 243-0300

(Support fees will apply unless you have been set up under our Beta Site program)



Accounting For Dining - Our Biggest FREEWARE Offer Ever

Accounting For Dining Is READY

If you are a long time reader of this website, you know how long this has been in the works.  



Did you know that Accounting For Dining is based on the award winning Accounting For Delphi software package?   It won the 2001, 2002 and 2003 Delphi Readers Choice Awards for "BEST ACCOUNTING PACKAGE".  And because Accounting For Dining is based on an OPEN SOURCE accounting system, it is possible to:

  • Purchase the source code (which includes licensed material from www.Columbusoft.com and Positive Feedback Software, LLC)  The source code licensing option is reasonably priced at just $2,995... plus we allow you to install the software (in compiled form) at as many sites as you wish without royalties or further financial obligation.
  • Modify components & operations to suite your needs (if you have a Borland Delphi programming background)

These features make Accounting For Dining the most flexible and open ended system on the freeware market today!



Accounting For Dining is a huge program that requires setup and configuration as well as initial installation.   This is not Quick Books!  This is a huge enterprise level accounting system that can run a restaurant chain with multiple locations & warehouses.   If you own a 'Mom n Pop' style restaurant, Accounting For Dining is NOT for you.



To install the BETA edition of Accounting For Dining, complete these steps in order.   We are assuming you will install everything to the C: drive of your Windows 98 or better computer.   After the system is installed to your C: drive, it is possible to copy the data to a file server for multi-terminal network access.

  1. Go to www.Columbusoft.com and download Accounting For Delphi from their website or click here to download it from our mirror.
  2. Install Accounting For Delphi (instructions are provided on the Columbusoft website or click here for our version of them)
  3. Configure the Borland Database Engine (see instructions)
  4. Download Accounting For Dining Beta from this website by clicking the DOWNLOAD link.  
  5. Install Accounting For Dining Beta to your C: drive - it will overwrite the databases created by Accounting For Delphi - so if you have live data DO NOT FORGET TO BACKUP before completing this step.

The installation is now completed.  



At the System Logon screen, enter:


Password:   NEW



Because Accounting For Dining is a freeware offering, we cannot provide free technical support.   Instead, all Accounting For Dining support is pre-billed at a rate of $90 per hour.    You may also purchase support from Positive Feedback Software, LLC by the day if you require onsite assistance.





What Accounting For Dining Is... 

  Accounting For Dining V3 (AFD-V3) is a powerful cost accounting package that offers a huge feature set that even the most expensive restaurant systems often fail to deliver.   The base modules which are included with the system are:

  • Accounts Receivable

    The AR module is where a business can record "what it is owed" by customers to whom it has extended credit. 


  • Accounts Payable

    The AP module is where a business can record "who it owes" for purchases that were made from vendors.


  • General Ledger

    The GL module is where a chart of accounts can be created.   A chart of accounts is a list of categories that you want to track.   For example, a chart of accounts might have an entry called "FIRST UNION BANK ACCOUNT" so that you could track your bank balance.


  • Payroll

    The PR module is where pay checks are created.


  • Administration

    The AD module is the "setup" for all the other modules.   Key in preferences & settings that determine the operation mode of the package as a whole.


  • Contact Manager

    The CM module is for tracking people & relationships.   By understanding relationships,  trends in comparative data can be realized.


  • Service Dispatch

    The DI module is used to track maintenance people.  When a piece of equipment needs to be repaired, a service call is logged into this module and a "dispatch record" is created.   As the service is completed, the record is updated.   Manage equipment failures at multiple restaurants by multiple techs easily using this centralized system.


  • Inventory & Purchasing

    The IP module is designed to track centralized purchasing for a group of stores.  When purchases are made, inventory & AP records are automatically updated.   Unit factors are fully supported as are transfers from "central" to individual store corporations.


  • Fixed Assets

    The FA module is used to track depreciation of fixed assets.


  • Job Costing

    The JC module has the ability to track expenses incurred towards a common result.   For example, when an addition is added to 'store two', the JC module can organize all costs associated with the build out.


What Accounting For Dining Isn't... 

For the restaurant that seeks a "small business accounting system" AFD-V3 will be much too complex.   AFD-V3 is designed to compare with accounting software packages costing $5K+ per site.   The target audience for AFD-V3 is the multi-store chain that wants to grab cost centers by the horns and begin implementing control strategies.

For the small "mom n pop" restaurant, the best value in accounting software is Quickbooks or Peachtree Accounting (Ed note:  Todd prefers Peachtree Accounting).   These packages are simply indispensable for the money they cost.

For restaurants that hire a book keeper, consider using the spreadsheet solutions (downloadable from this site at no cost) on the DOWNLOAD page.   These easy to use "day accounting" sheets offer an easy way to store information about your restaurant's deposits & more.   Turn the packages into your book keeper at the end of the month & spend your time cooking & managing instead of doing number crunching.



There are three restaurant genres we regularly deal with:

  1. The Chain

    The chain restaurant will find AFD-V3 to be a huge time & money saver.   Why spend $5K+ when you can download it free?  Even if your chain does not implement AFD-V3, you can use it as a learning strategy and a reference point.   There are no registration fees, no charges for updates... we only charge for telephone support.


  2. The Big Mom & Pop

    The Big Mom & Pop restaurant will have been in business for many years and have an established customer base.   Typically, sales will be in the $2M+ range annually.   This type of restaurant will need accounting software to accurately manage its financial records but will find AFD-V3 a little bit too complex for daily use.   Consider purchasing Quickbooks or Peachtree Accounting.   This genre of restaurant usually benefits from owner participation but also has a management staff so that the site can "open & close" without the owner being present.   This genre of restaurant has one or two locations and has not yet implemented a centralized purchasing system.   Each store makes its own purchases.


  3. The Small Mom & Pop

    The Small Mom & Pop restaurant will have been in business for a short period of time & have a limited budget for technology.   Most restaurants in this genre put together "daily deposit sheets" using a spreadsheet documentation method and then hire a book keeper to compile the daily transactions into monthly, quarterly & annual reports.   Usually this genre of restaurants employs the owner as an operator... hence there is no management structure.   This genre of restaurant will benefit from our free Microsoft Office files available on the DOWNLOAD page.


Screen Shots
The administration screen of AFD allows you to configure the installed modules of the restaurant:


Charting of cash flow & accounts receivable is a simple task:


The advanced contact manager allows for centralized management:


Ordering product is integrated into the inventory module.   Factoring cases and selling by the unit is automatic.


Visit www.Columbusoft.com to learn more about the award winning Accounting For Delphi software that Accounting For Dining was built upon.  At Positive Feedback Software, LLC we know you want quality "Open Source" software at an affordable price!